Ah, a first entry…

Today is January 27 but this week’s letter to Ellen and Reid was out the door, as usual, on Monday the 25th.  The word count was probably around 650 but I’ll check and report back to you yet this week. The number of words hardly ever varies, and you’d think I’d know by now what the word count is.  (They both get the same letter.  I’m not about to reinvent the wheel every time.)

In the news the kids will see this week: the weather in Charlotte is stinky, but nowhere near what you yahoos have had in the Midwest; your grandparents went to California against my advice; my golf game is perking up but not nearly enough; I’m starting to think about retirement and, in a related note, my birthday is coming up (it has a zero at the end, drat) and my counsel to you two knuckleheads is to not get me anything.

My guess is the whole shebang took about 12 to 14 minutes to write from start to finish.  I sneak a peek at my cheat sheet for content and that makes it all go smooth as silk.  Or at least sort of smooth as silk.

Already, the compilation of next week’s content is underway.


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10 responses to “Ah, a first entry…

  1. Finally Dave. Look forward to it. Like the artwork with the books.

  2. Pammy

    I am a follower! And yes, you are a blogger. x

  3. JenLovesDogs

    Woo hoo! Glad to see the blog is up! Now… you just need a dog — they do provide endless love and entertainment!

  4. Pamela

    I want more, I love to read your writing. How do I see more?

  5. B&B

    Huray! This blog is spectacular (I assume one of the kids had to help you make it look so great). Congrats!

  6. John F.

    Dave –

    I’m really enjoying it.

    How am I supposed to get any work done?

  7. Melissa Birdsong

    Wonderful Dave…I’m with John…

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