Now, about Monday…

It’s Saturday and already I’m thinking about Monday.  Such is the fate of a letter writer: always thinking ahead.

Here are topical candidates Ellen and Reid will read later in the week:

  • Betsy and Bob treat Reid to dinner in Chicago.
  • Deja vu all over again with winter weather.
  • Redneck runs into granite pillar.
  • Creating a will.
  • A man rudely passes gas at the next table.
  • Almost time to plant: thoughts about a tiny garden.
  • On to Lowe’s for crown molding.
  • A Harley cruising in salt, brine and slush.

There may be a few wild card items (code for things that have slipped my mind) but this list is the bedrock of Monday’s letter.  (As always, there will be a few add-ins, including a Charlotte Observer story about a teacher who took a cell phone photo of a student sleeping in class and sent the picture to the kid’s father who, rather than take his kid to task, was irate that a teacher would do such a thing.  So much for parental responsibility.)

FYI…my bro’ Ralph got his box of stuff suitable for a newly minted 60-year-old.  Mission accomplished.


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