Facebook, Twitter and beyond…

When it comes to technology, I am a late adopter.  No, let me amend that.  I am a seldom, if ever, adopter.  Just now I’m beginning to ramp up for Windows 3, and it debuted in 1990 (but no one answers the 800-number on the box and the W-3 support site must be temporarily offline). That is how behind the times I am.

So when the rest of the world is lock-step with Facebook and Twitter, I muddle behind in last place.  Give me a good word processing program and I’m golden.

The silver lining for us laggards, it seems, is that we don’t need to learn the latest e-gizmos all over again.  We don’t reach a comfort level with the new fangled, only to see it stripped away as a new and jizzy successor  invariably comes along to triumphantly claim the #1 spot.  Our learning curve with a printed page is pretty flat.  We don’t need to learn the ABC’s of the latest and greatest all over again.  Granted, the bells and whistles of tomorrow’s e-darling are likely to be mind-blowing and very cool.  But it will be a temptress without legs.

I believe there is a dull side to elements of the social media.  Rather than concentrate on the quality of message, we focus – wrongly, in my view – on the messenger.  Not that the Facebooks and the Twitters and whatever else comes along do not have their place.  Absolutely they do.  But we are fixated on the bulb and not the flower.  Speed and pizzazz is not everything.  My penchant is to move along at a snail’s pace and worry more about what goes in rather than the pace and bluster of what comes out.

Stepping again into the Wednesday Wayback machine, here is an early letter to the kiddos.

November 9

EB and Reid:

More news on the no-food-at-home front.  This just in: cereal for dinner the last couple of nights.  Finished a box of Wheaties and moved on to – heaven forbid – Kashi.  Please, make it stop.  Old Mother Hubbard didn’t have anything on us.  I mean, Butler food would be an upgrade right about now.  We don’t need a full size refrigerator anymore, just something about the size for a dorm room would work.  Scooter is eating better – and more – than we are.  I have to shoulder much of the blame.  I can buy cereal, too.

Gordie and I went to C___ Lake Sunday and yesterday to take room measurements.  An architect is going to redesign the kitchen and – yea! – bathroom.  But he needed accurate dimensions so we had to go room-by-room and measure literally everything.  We’ll add a new bedroom, too.  Saw the coolest northern lights on the way up Sunday night.  I mean unbelievably bright.  So bright it made the Weather Channel.  It was deer season up there, and the north woods were alive with hunters wearing blaze orange.   It seems they were all named Mort or Dirk.

Reid, this is a tough deal with Drew and all his friends.  Mom said he had plenty of support from your buddies at the funeral, so it will be great for you to pick up that ball when you return home for T-Day.  That will be a good time to kick back and talk without the pressure of classes or other events.  You did all the right things just after Bonnie’s passing and leading up to the funeral.  It’s just hard for everyone.

We’ll have T-Day at our house with C______’s and Nonnie.  You guys ought to help us cook.  It would be fun.

Boy, it was a hard week all the way around last week.  I couldn’t believe Kerry got rolled, plus Nebraska got shucked by Iowa State.  I’ll never hear the end of that one from my friends up in Ames.

Reid, I’m driving your car today because the BMW is in the shop.  I must say, in all candor, that your Honda is an abomination to the car world.  It would cost $1,000 for a detail shop to work on your car – and that would just be the front seat.  It is, without question, the sloppiest, dirtiest, grungiest, stinkiest car in existence.  It should really go on tour.  People would pay to view it.

Hey, I’m listening on the web to http://www.radioparadise.com.  This is one of the best radio stations I have ever listened to.  Really eclectic (e-́klek-tik / adj – to gather 1: selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles 2: composed of elements drawn from various sources Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary).

Enough schooling for now.  You guys work hard, rest up, and we’ll see you in a few days.  Maybe we’ll have more food in the bin by the time you get here.


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