A sometime champion…

It occurred to me over the weekend that sometimes I misrepresent the real intent and purpose of letters to Ellen and Reid and anyone else unfortunate enough to be on the wrong end of the snail-mail trail. I present myself as some sort of champion of the written word when, in fact, it is but one element – and far from the biggest one – of my weekly enterprise.

The real intent stretches far, far beyond simply fashioning a creative outlet or a soapbox or written legacy.  Those are all side shows.

Instead, the central act to this real life diorama is to simply remain a factor in the lives of my children.  Later this week I’ll delve into the tactile end of things but make no mistake, I have grasped for a way to stay a blip on the kid’s radar screens.  With all that is going on in their own hectic, self-centered lives (that is a good thing; see the post that references John Rosemond) it would be easy for them to become detached from their old man who is sequestered in North Carolina.  They may only pay attention for as long as it takes them to read a letter, but those few minutes are very precious to me.

Of course I champion letters for a multitude of worthwhile, wholesome reasons.  But in the larger scheme of things, everything else beyond the simple act of contact is secondary.  Letters are my vehicle of choice for this lifelong ride.

Here is last week’s letter to the munchkins.

March 29, 2010

Ellen/Reid: It would appear Indianapolis will be the party capitol of the U.S. for the next week.  It is still hard to believe that Butler made it to the Final Four.  But they played lights out, and if nothing else they can always tell their kids the incredible story of the little school that could.  Imagine playing in your home town for all the marbles.  Unreal.  It’s probably not a realistic shot for them to take the title, but they’ve already outdone what the naysayers (I picked them to not make the Sweet 16) predicted they would do.  That’s what’s so cool about this time of year; the little guy can take it to the big boys.  Reid, the assumption here is that you will make the short trip to Indy for the weekend even if the possibility of grabbing a ticket are slim and none.  Hell, I’d go down there, too.  Go Dawgs!  FYI…I have finished dead last in your uncle’s NCAA pool and he is giving me no end of grief about it.  I really got victimized by poor picks.

EP, your trip to D.C. sounded like a riot.  Glad you guys had a little getaway, but you’re always welcome down in the Carolinas, too.

Interesting you’d be in the capitol just after the health care thing passed.  It is a good thing on the whole.  Interesting, too, to follow the diatribe of the GOP when it comes to all this.  They are really showing an ugly, overly partisan, and nonsensical side.  They and their minions came unglued.  Too bad they won’t put the same effort and thought process into joblessness, their own blame for the recession, fighting foreclosures, how to extract us out of their own eight year war, loss of technical skills to other countries, declines in education and loss of teachers, and falling income.  How is it that the health of your people becomes so divisive?  After watching my insurance go up by double digits every year for more than two decades and excludes me and your uncle from cancer coverage because we have preexisting conditions, that isn’t a system that needs to be fixed?  Your grandmother goes into a hospital, and even without a single test, an overnight stay is more than $11,000?  You’re telling me that that is not a system that is out of control?  The other side of the aisle can kiss my ass.  You guys will be much better for it to have health coverage come thick or thin.  And to think I voted with those bastards from time to time.  No, wait, that’s what Rush Limbaugh called the Democrats.

It appears I’m not going to make the trip to Des Moines for the Plaid Jacket.  I need to stay here and feather my nest a little bit.  There is a chance I’ll see if my credit card miles might apply but a chunk of me thinks it would be best just to hang around these parts.  There’s a lot that I can do around here in terms of cleaning up the house, volunteering a bit more and the like.  I do need to get to Omaha to see your grandparents even though we are at loggerheads on where they will stay and when they will make that move.

Didn’t do much this weekend.  Felicia and I had dinner both nights, and I played some of the worst golf in recent memory on Saturday.  My swing has totally dissolved into a tension-racked, overly long motion.  Reid, I will make plans for you to come down in June and you can see for yourself.  I just want the same swing week after week without the anxiety attacks on the course.  Did take a long walk yesterday, but as luck would have it got in the midst of a downpour and in another stroke of pure genius, didn’t have a coat.  That just hustled me along to stay warm.  Ellen, you and Tim tell me what works for a trip up to the Twin Cities.

But this is the season of hope.  Baseball starts within the next week, and even the Twins are working on a clean slate.  My oath is to get to more games down here; maybe one a week.  I like sitting in the ball park (even if it sits over the line into South Carolina) and having a cold one and some peanuts on a warm summer evening.  That’s my idea of a good time – other than seeing your two knuckleheads.


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2 responses to “A sometime champion…

  1. A season of hope. Unless you’re a Republican. Go Dave.
    Loyal Reader

  2. Bonnie

    It is truly amazing how the other side of the aisle has a way of scaring the heck out of people so that big business can continue to rape and pillage. Will this new plan be the fix all? Probably not. But we cannot afford to sit and do nothing.

    Agreed! Go Dave!

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