Coffee can’t wait…

Some days it just doesn’t pay to do anything, much less write a blog column, without first getting a whiff and a couple of strong gulps of high-octane, fully leaded, adults-only coffee.

Today was one of those days.

For some odd – very odd reason – when I greeted the world this morning at 5:05, it occurred to me that “today is Wednesday, so it’s time for another blog entry.”  Only today wasn’t Wednesday, it was Tuesday and this throws my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule for posts utterly out of whack.  Thus please accept my humblest apologies for clogging your inbox with another post – a day early, no less.

I’ll set the coffee pot on a timer from here on out.  Sorry.



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3 responses to “Coffee can’t wait…

  1. 1st2Know

    Dave, We all knew it was Tuesday and it did not matter…keep up the good work. Bob

  2. Don’t fight it, Dave. The weekend comes a day earlier, lasts a day longer.

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