y shld i txt?

It should be abundantly clear that when it comes to commonly used acronyms for text messages, I haven’t the foggiest about what’s in vogue.  It is a language unto its own.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against texts.  The technology is available and people use it.  End of discussion – sort of.  According to informed sources, American’s send 4.5 billion text messages each and every day.  That is a paltry sum compared to the humongous 210 – 247 billion emails we transmit daily (as reported here not so many days ago).  Those are old numbers – 2009 – so who knows how much of this stuff is gumming up the public airwaves as we speak.

I say ‘end of discussion – sort of’ because it is worrisome to me that generations of 20-somethings, Gen Xers and tech-heads willfully cut language and word use corners for the sake of expediency.  Some of that thinking already permeates my work place.  Instant messages are plagued by acronyms; and some emails, too.  What, people can’t think in complete words or full sentences, let alone punctuation?  My high school English teacher, Ms. Dietrich, is doing a slow burn in her grave, if she’s not already spinning.  Communication is all about the sharing of ideas and concepts and full thoughts, none of which is abetted by shaving a letter here and there.  (Disclaimer II: my own letters/blog postings are riddled with spelling/punctuation errors, hence my reference to Ms. Dietrich who routinely excoriated this poor student for my for rampant mistakes.)

People can text to their heart’s content.  No problem-o.  But for crying out loud, learn to use honest-to-God vocabulary, real words, full spelling and figure out a way apply it to other life situations.  Well thought out memos, non-corporate-ese presentations – and letters – come to mind.  People hobble themselves with poor writing skills.

enuf syd

Yesterday’s old-ish letter was a bonus.  Because today is the real Wednesday, not the faux Wednesday yesterday that was actually Tuesday, here is another note to Ellen and Reid from days gone by.

May 3

EB and Reid:

Yeesh, by the time you read this, we’ll just about be there for THE BIG GRADUATION CEREMONY.  I’ll wear a coat and tie, your mother will be in her finery, as will Nonnie, grandma and grandpa.  We’ll be armed with cameras and handkerchiefs.  The real excitement is that we remembered where the heck we’re staying: The Embassy Suites downtown.  What a relief.

Already, we’ve argued about meals.  My suggestion was that funky, upscale place where we took both of you, Brian and that other girl.  Can’t remember the name of it, but your mom thinks we ought to go to the pizza place downtown, and maybe that down-home spot on Meridian.  Whatever.

As for you, Reid, I’ll pull up in the van and we can load things up sometime late Thursday or Friday.  If you want to, you can stay with us downtown.  Won’t that be a good time.

It is just so hard to fathom that you, EB, are graduating.  Just yesterday we were dropping you off in front of Indian Hills.  The time really screams by.  Now it’s on to the next chapter, whatever that is.  It will be good, too.

Took out a bunny (i.e. pesky rodent) this morning.  They can do anything they want, just don’t eat the peas.  He crossed the line and he had to pay.  Twice, actually.  He was wounded and I had to go outside to finish the job.  Amy ___ was watching from her back yard but I had to go about my business in a cold-hearted manner.  There’s a lesson there for other cottontails, but it’s not like I put his head on a stick as a warning.

Remember to call your mom this Sunday.  It’s Mother’s Day.  She thinks and talks about you guys a lot.

Working at home is working out for the time being.  It’s kind of relaxing to be here without the noise and bustle of the other office.  So, why am I wearing nice pants and a pressed shirt if I’m just walking from the kitchen to my office?  Wouldn’t shorts and a T-shirt do the job?

Hope to hear something this week from ____________.  Not yet a done deal, but at least we’re still talking about things.  I gave them a one-page job description this morning, and they seemed to like it.  We’ll see.  Would be a good gig as a contractor for them.  Lots of duties from editing news materials to writing speeches and training people how to write in news fashion.  We need to keep our fingers crossed.

The weather has stunk around here, as you have no doubt noticed in Indy.  April came in like a lamb and went out like an elephant.

Well, we’ll see you in the not-too-distant future.  It’ll be fun.  Just take some patience pills because the flash bulbs will be a-poppin’.


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