Inner workings…

Each week a new 'cheat sheet' hits the wall, literally

In a departure from the norm (Wednesdays are usually reserved for letters from long ago), here are two items somewhat out of place but share a symbiotic relationship: the sticky note cheat sheet which functioned as the inner workings of this week’s letter to Ellen and Reid (posted five days early).  The sheets are typically adhered to my office wall.  Although my penmanship rivals that of a doctor scribbling a prescription, you should be able to see that most of what shows on the sheet indeed appeared in print.

Nothing fancy or adorned, the yellow note is where random thoughts go to be reborn as a topic or paragraph each week.  When things got tough in recent months, each roughly 2″ by 2″ sheet was my go-to resource.  A yellow pad hit the road with me to the Midwest, and when an idea or tidbit crossed my mind, I whipped out my pen.

No long sentences, no lengthy phrases.  Just a few words as my guidepost from week to week.


July 19, 2010

Ellen/Reid: I’ve been trying to wrap up a few things related to grandma and grandpa.  Reid, as you saw firsthand the hospice people did a really fine, humane job tending to your grandfather, so I sent them a ‘thank you’ note last week to praise the nurses.  I suppose they hear such things from time to time but I wanted them to hear personally about our situation.

Looks like your grandmother will move to Grand Island sometime before the end of the month.  It will be something of a jolt to her but it will be the right move.  There is no right time for it so it might as well be now.  From what your uncle and aunt have relayed, the place is attractive and suited to her memory loss.  This will probably be dismaying to her friends who have made a habit of visiting her at the Glen, but you wonder how long they can continue to do that as their own lives move along.  Your uncle is somewhat concerned that if your grandmother has ongoing anger issues it may get her booted out.  The fallback plan, Plan B, would be the Vet’s Home which is also in Grand Island and that would not likely be the best for her so we’ll have to cross our fingers.  She gets in because she was the spouse of a veteran.

I’ve been thinking about, and sometimes talking to, your grandfather.  He was a pretty good guy all the way around.  It’s odd that memories of him are jogged by the slightest thing; I saw a plane on approach to the Charlotte airport on Saturday and it moved me about how much he liked to fly.  When I was logging all those miles when you were little kids and was somewhat leery of bumpy plane rides, I’d think about the flak and shells and Messerschmitts the Germans sent up to knock his B-17 out of the sky, and it made turbulence a little more palatable.  I miss him now.  That’s just the way it goes.

Head to Pinehurst the final weekend in July for a golf-a-thon with a friend from the bank and a dozen other guys.  My game is really on the rocks, and if I can’t get myself rid of ‘swing anxiety’ before then it will be a very long, trying weekend indeed.  Pinehurst is about two hours due east of Charlotte, and it should be a fun weekend.  I dread the golf, however.

Tried to play Saturday but the round was a near-total washout.  The skies literally opened up and dumped who-knows-how-much water on the course.  It was unreal in how fast, and how much, and how long the rain came down.  But a few miles south of the course it was bone dry.  They won’t need to water for a month.

Reid, can’t wait to see your blog.  Give me the address so I can subscribe and read it.  My hunch is that the keys are lots of postings and lots of promotion.  I’ve got the first half of that covered but not the latter.  It will be interesting to see how you approach that.  If you end up with more subscribers than I do – it won’t take much – then you’ll know what you’re doing.

EP, so now Henry is your dog full time?  Why doesn’t your mother want to take him to California?  He seems like a great dog.  Fun to hear about him.  Hope he doesn’t scratch up your nice wood floors but you can always get them re-sanded and re-varnished.  Right now there’s only one dog in my house, and from time to time I wish I had the canine variety.  Send me a few pics so to apprise me of his size.  He’s got to be a handful.

Well, I’m outta here.  Let me know of some travel plans with you either coming here or me there.  I’ll keep an eye on internet specials.  One thing that won’t make the trip are my golf clubs.


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  1. Those of us who work for hospice always treasure the thank you notes from family members. The nurses know that they make a difference, but it’s always nice to read it on paper. Thank you for taking the time to show your appreciation!

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