Ellen and Henry…

Henry, the omnipresent back seat driver (when he's not sticking most of his frame out the window).

Ellen called last night as she and her 70 lb. bundle of joy Henry were tooling toward the dog food store to get the beast some chow.  Henry is one of those dogs that when you see him, you think to yourself ‘I’m glad I don’t have to feed that guy’.  But he’s a cutie.  A brute, but a cutie.  Ellen sent a quick pic of the furry pile of contentment as they neared the pet food depot.

She’d already scanned this week’s letter so now we had something to talk about.  We went quickly through recent events, what her hubby Tim was up to (softball and beer with the guys), holiday plans (they may visit Charlotte for T-Day), and a few other odds and ends.  In 10 minutes it was over.  It was great to hear from her.

Not that we went through the letter paragraph by paragraph (you’ll see it Monday) but there’s just enough structure that it puts things in context that she might never pick up from our random calls.  That’s satisfying in the sense that this is a sidelight of what letters can do.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say Reid tried to call last night, too.  But his attempt came at 10:27 p.m.  At risk of further embarrassing myself more than I already do on these pages, let’s leave it that he’s going to have to call a little earlier if he wants to talk to his old man.  A lot earlier.


Today is moving day for mom from Omaha to her new digs in Grand Island.  There is no letter since I’ve yet to talk to the staff at her new home to let them know what’s about to land in their mailbox.  It’s with mixed emotions that I watch this upheaval unfold.  She should be better off in both the near term and the long run.

In lieu of the letter, my niece in Chicago, Kristin, sent me this email earlier this week.  It was so sweet.  It didn’t come on paper, but it had the same effect.

Hi Dave!

I know this note is long over-due, but I hope you’ll excuse its tardiness.  You have been in my thoughts a lot the past month and I’ve gotten updates from EB when we connect and catch up, which seems to be harder in the summer.
I was so sorry to hear about Ralph. At the same time it was settling to know he was finally at peace and everyone had been able to say their good-bye’s to him.  It brought back many memories of our childhood and spending holidays with your parents 🙂  I miss those days.  I hope your mom is settling in and you can make frequent visits to see her.
What a downer when the job loss was relayed to me shortly after and I have also been following your blog daily.  I do believe something bigger, better and more desirable will come along, but having been there it never helps to hear “everything happens for a reason” or “change can be good” or “you will find something better.”  But, with your talent (and hidden talents) I know you will be able to utilize it somewhere other than ______.  How much longer will you be there or are you already done?  Take some trips you want to take (Chicago)!
I hope my email finds you on a good day and I want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog.  It brings back so many memories and also gives me things to think about somedays.  So, please keep on posting when you can.
I’ve recently started a new gig at ______________ doing Investor Servicing for their _______________.  It’s been challenging and I’m not so sure this cut-throat corporate life is for me, but I need to give it a fair shot and move forward from there.  I had a month break in May between being let-go from my old position and being hired at ___________ and I can’t tell a lie, it was real nice 🙂  probably because it was nice weather and might be a different story if it was winter.  I haven’t seen Reid in a while, but I’ll get a few updates hear and there from Arik through ______!!  I am due for a trip to the Twin Cities.  I absolutely love getting there and especially to see EB and catch up.  She and Tim (and now Henry) are always refreshing.
Again, I’m so sorry for letting too much time pass before I reached out but please know I’ve been thinking about you.
Keep me posted on your contacts and thoughts for possible career opportunities.
Have a good week,

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