One down, one to go…

Ellen celebrates her new teaching gig with mojito, whatever that is.

In more evidence that the cream rises to the top and patience does not go unrewarded, Ellen has at last landed a coveted elementary teaching job in the hyper-competitive Twin Cities job market.  For nearly three years she has sought the right job.  Now she has one.  Her attitude might have waivered a tad but it never crumbled.  Norman Vincent Peale had nothing on her positive thinking.

One down, one to go.   Now it’s her old mans turn to grab the brass ring.  There are some possibilities on the horizon but nothing to write home about (or to the kids for that matter).  Hopefully there will be news sooner than later.

But Ellen’s joyous hiring is something of a rarity; both she and her hubby Tim now have their dream jobs.  Not many of us can live the dream.  It was worth a congratulatory note (below) from her dad, don’t you think?


August 10, 2010

Ellen: There is timing and then there is timing.  Your phone call this morning made my day, and my tomorrow, too.  Your mom and I had nothing short of a giddy conversation about how your patience and professionalism finally paid off with a job you were probably destined for.  And to think both you and Mr. T now have the jobs you both really wanted.  Not many people, let along young couples, can make that claim.  Now you guys can really have a blowout celebration in Northern Minnesota.  Tim can fish, you and your mom can chat things away.  Tim may be on to something by excusing himself from that gabfest.

You made the right choice.  You went with your heart.  Just think about how long you have applied, interviewed, and came oh-so-close only to be turned away at the last second.  When you think about all the teachers the University of Minnesota pumps out year after year – all of whom want to stay in the Twin Cities – as well as the imports from other cities also looking for classroom work, well, you have finally won out.  And deservedly so.

Sure, you could have made more money at the other job, but it would have been just another job.  You must have some higher calling with kids.  That was a bell you needed to answer.  Teaching was what you wanted to do and now you get to do it again.  You’ll be great, just as you were in Indianapolis.  If you had turned the job down and stayed with the money, you would have second guessed yourself for a long time to come.  (Make sure you send ‘thank you’ notes to everyone who helped you network.)  Now, you have a real chance to make a difference for little ones.

So we’re glad you stuck in there and stayed true to your ideals even when things looked darkest.  That should give you that much more satisfaction.  We’re always immensely proud of you but no more so than right now.  Good going, kid.



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3 responses to “One down, one to go…

  1. ellen

    YAHOO-thanks for the shout out dad. 🙂 <3, EB

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