More post-100 lite housekeeping…

This time last year I was slaving away in the new bathroom (I posted the actual mushroom photo last spring). I'll total all the costs for Ellen and Reid soon. Pentagon cost overruns had nothing on this project.

On the coattails of Monday’s 100th post, today we peck away at a few housekeeping odds and ends:

1)  An actual text message exchange with Reid from a recent morning.  Hey, the kid knows how to make his dad’s day:

  • 10:02 EST. Reid – “Just caught up on your letters from the past two weeks.  Sorry for the delay.”
  • 10:03 EST. Dad – “No worries.  They should be read at your leisure.”
  • 10:13 EST. Reid – “Cool.  As always I enjoy them.”

2) A look at the numbers:

  • I’ve stuck to the Mon.-Wed.-Fri. routine.  Bad for you, good for me.  Am pondering whether to scale back to Tues.-Fri.  Thoughts?
  • Average word count of each posting (less the word count of the letters themselves): 244 words.  True to my word, I try to keep things short and sweet…and a quick scan.
  • I’ll gravitate to posts geared toward the whys and wherefores of the kid’s college years as we get into the school year.  In that vein, it’s okay if you refer this blog to parents of the college-bound.   Other empty nesters or wanna-be letter writers are welcome, too.
  • Daily visitors average a few dozen.  I’m fine with that.
  • Estimated average time to create each blog posting: 10 minutes, tops.  Like writing a letter, this is a cakewalk.

3) As with my letters, I keep a running list of blog topics.  With apologies to Jack Keroauc, I tape the 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets together in one continuous page.  Single lined pages stuck together so far: 5.  You won’t be rid of me anytime soon.

4) Actual wording on my cheat sheet (i.e. sticky note adhered to my laptop exterior) for the September 6 letter to Ellen and Reid:

  • “Bubba stalks us”
  • “Tomatoes coming around”
  • “Job search update”
  • “Reid’s new digs”
  • “Idaho”
  • “Daily walks therapeutic”

You’ll have to see next week which topics made the cut.


Here is last week’s letter to Ellen and Reid.  Given recent news from last week, it’s already out of date.

August 30, 2010

Ellen/Reid: Ellen, that photo you sent of the three of you at Cass Lake looked almost staged with the rainbow(s) in the background.  You guys looked like you were having a lot of fun, although even without Henry in the shot it was great.  Hard to think that I haven’t been up to the Pagoda in what, almost seven years?  Time flies.  I took the liberty of posting it on the blog.

Things continue to move ahead tepidly here.  Made a presentation this morning to ___________ Realty here in Charlotte.  My pitch was to provide real estate content of a different sort than they use now.  Like lots of real estate companies, they focus on listing and sale data, and my theory was that consumers need much more information than that.  It was a pretty good session, although there was some reluctance but not much.  But on the whole it went fine.  Now I’ve got a proposal to put together.  All is idle on the bank front.  DOA for the most part. My last official day at my desk is September 30.

Had a pretty good weekend.  Took the bike for a long spin to Greenville, SC.  About 240 miles round trip.  The highlight for us was a stop at a little diner called Mike’s BBQ located in a strip mall close to the Harley dealership.  The owner, Mike, was one of the most conversational restaurant owners I’ve come across.  His BBQ sandwich was pretty good although if you don’t need to eat pork rinds, which is essentially deep fried pork skin, don’t.  It takes some getting used to.  Come to think of it, some leftover rinds are still in the bike’s saddlebags so I’d better get them out of there in a hurry.  Reid, the Harley is running fine.  Had to install a new battery caused the old one plum petered out.  Nothing is cheap for a Harley: $124 for a new battery.

Made three cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan) mac & cheese Friday night and it came out pretty good.  The key is to bake it and broil the parmesan on top once the whole shebang is done cooking.  It’s a tasty meal.  Then on Saturday night Felicia and I made what’s called Low Country Boil which essentially is potatoes, onions, frozen corn on the cob, shrimp and sausage in a big vat that boils for about 20 minutes.  You use a spice called Old Bay plus red pepper flakes and that really livens things up.  However, I livened it up way too much by mis-reading (okay, not reading) the directions which showed 2-3 TSP of red pepper flakes, not the 2-3 heaping TBLS of red pepper flakes that I used.  It was almost incendiary in its heat output.  Instantly I knew something was wrong when my lips started burning.  Even beer didn’t put out the flames.  But I’d make it again in a heartbeat if you guys came down here although this time I’d know better to throttle back the heat index.

The news on grandma has a silver lining.  She is off her medications, and they are starting from scratch.  It caused her to kind of get out of control, and your uncle had her committed to a psych ward in Hastings which is about 30 miles south of Grand Island.  She sounded cognizant yesterday and she knows they are about to re-work the drugs she takes.  I hope that it calms her down.  She was in and out of so many places that people just lost track of what she was taking and why.  Not sure when I’ll get to see her.

Looks like my community college class might peter out, too.  Only two students registered.  On the flip side, I will teach a three part writing class through Caldwell, and my pastor wants to expand the attendance to other churches in the area, too.  My guess is I’ll get 5-7 people to attend.  Not a lot but that’s okay.  Well, back to the real world.  Keep your phones on this weekend.



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2 responses to “More post-100 lite housekeeping…

  1. Tom Andersen

    Dave, so sorry to hear about your Mom.It does not sound like it is a permanent move, correct? I understand the prescription drug issue – Uncle Henry takes at least four and maybe five for his high blood pressure and I’d bet he only needs one or two.It’s hard to say what are the side effects of so many chemicals in one’s system.

    Good luck on the job front.


    • Tom: It’s tough for Hank and Barbara. The worst is seeing them slide downhill without much we can do to halt things. Your dad is a good guy, and if there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I’ve sent them one letter, it’s probably time for another.

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