A bad hair day…

As letters go, today was the equivalent of a bad hair day.  It was a tangled unkempt mess.  Mom didn’t get my best effort.  I took the day off.

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t bring anything to the writing table.  No pizzazz, no new information.  No nothing.  (I can just hear some of you now: “So, how’s today different from any other time?”)

My mind could very well be elsewhere.  I think I’m a little preoccupied with things.  You can chalk that up chiefly to temporary work and my ongoing effort to find a full-time situation.  As it is, I’m at the bank through the end of the year.  At least I made it past Christmas.

So here is today’s tangled unkempt mess.  Sorry, mom.  I’ll do better next time.


November 5, 2010

Mom: You are not much warmer than we are down here.  The weather experts say our low on Saturday is supposed to be in the 20s.  That will send the locals shivering to the store to buy their woolies and gloves.  It has been much colder here the last couple of days.  Even I have resorted to wearing a hat to the office.  Even when it’s in the 50s some folks bundle up like they live in Nome, Alaska or some place like that.  I planted some pansies in the window box out front and they are supposed to be cold hardy.  I guess they will get their first real test.  The tomato plant is kaput.

The leaves are finally starting to drop bit by bit.  Because it was so dry down here this summer the color is not quite what people would like to see.  Most of the trees consist of varying states of brown leaves and the leaves are falling fast.  This weekend’s cold snap will make it go a little bit quicker.  It will make the Bermuda grass go dormant very quickly and none of the golfers will like that.  What I find when it turns cold is that my house, like many others down here, aren’t insulated worth a hoot.  It gets cold very quickly.  I’ve not yet turned on the furnace but it too is about to get its first test.

There have been some people looking at the unit next door to me.  It’s been on the market for more than two years, and it would be good to get some people in there for a change.  On my little block there are about eight or nine units for sale.  That’s how bad the housing market is down in Charlotte.  Things just aren’t selling very well.  From everything I read things seem to be a little better in the Midwest.

Your brother Henry sent me a nice letter and I sent him one back the other morning.  He doesn’t use a computer like I do to write letters.  Instead, he writes it all out by hand.  It was nice to get and he seems to be doing pretty well.  He said he calls you every week and he’s awfully concerned with how you’re doing.  His hearing isn’t too good these days but he seems to be getting along.  If you’re going to live in a town, Portland wouldn’t be the worst place to live.

I was disappointed in the elections.  The candidates seemed to be particularly vicious this year.  No one is civil to each other anymore.  It’s attack, attack, attack.  And you can’t tell when someone is telling the full story or not let alone the truth.  I voted but very few of my candidates were elected.  Voters seem to have a pretty short memory, and there’s too much TV and Internet advertising for my liking.

Ellen and Reid are doing fine.  Reid was in San Francisco last week and went to the first birthday of little Annie, Andy and Steph’s little one.  She’s your great granddaughter and a real cutie.  Reid said he had a good time as he always does.

Well, it’s off to the grocery store tonight.  Doesn’t that sound exciting?

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