A rant/spiel from the other side…


Apolitical Henry waits for Ellen to play with him at a frosty St. Paul park early Sunday morning.


My persona isn’t overly political.

Those who know me detect a tilt toward the blue side of the aisle.  What has driven me nuts is a Carl Rove induced, mean-spirited, if-you’re-not-with-me-you’re-not-a-real-American rant/spiel from the other side.  None of which is remotely true.  Now’s your chance, guys, to create jobs.  Go to it.  Let’s see who you blame in 2012.

Ellen and Reid have not seen very much of this from their dad.  But they got a glimmer last week.


November 1, 2010

Ellen/Reid: By this time Wednesday we will know how much we have shifted back to the other side in politics.  2008 seems like such a long time ago.  Right now I’m of a mind that the public will get what it deserves.  Our collective attention span is so short and so subject to tugging and yanking that it is little wonder we can’t keep our eye on the prize.  That is, we don’t see things with any long-term perspective.  I am prone to listening more to Warren Buffet than the other buffoons and hacks when he alludes to the 6-7-8 years it took us to get into this morass.  I don’t think Obama has had a fair shake in the space of two years to correct the prior eight years of neglect.

As Bush the Elder found out when he was beaten by Clinton, it was all about the economy and the Democrats are about to find that out, too.  I suppose I’m in a good position to look at things from the economic side since I was days away from becoming another link in the statistical chain, but I can’t share the view that somehow the current administration is completely at fault.  While I was at the gym the other day, one of the dolts on Fox mentioned Obama’s bailout.  I wanted to throw a brick through the hi-def screen.  The bail out, and TARP were both the product of paperwork authored and signed by Bush the Younger and his guy Henry Paulson.  Of course, the Tea Partiers and the paranoid right tend to overlook pertinent facts when they continue to slam Obama on that score.  The same goes for Iraq and Afghanistan.  Dolt II, III, IV, et al on Fox keep referring to it as Obama’s War.  How the hell is that?

But here is a prediction that will come true.  Once the GOP regains control of the national legislature, one of the first phrases out of their mouths will come an appeal for some sort of bipartisan cooperation, none of which they exhibited in any way, shape or form these last two years.  Too bad they can’t be indicted for obstruction of justice.  What’s going to be particularly galling is they’ll try to scale back on the international diplomacy that’s been started.  It’s going to put us in a bad position just at the time we ought to try to corral as many allies as we can.

I guess I tout the Bradley family line although in my advancing age I find myself more conservatively moderate on economic issues.  Your grandfather was a Democrat, which was the opposite of his dad and some others.  I don’t know why he turned that way but he did.  No doubt because back in the day when he edited newspapers, he just had that newsman’s wariness of government.  He was just suspicious by nature, and the Watergate situation drove him bonkers.  Of course, now if a newsperson even hints of suspicious they are set upon by all the political hacks and their minions.  I’m worried about how we are going to cope with an Internet run wild in terms of speed and unchecked/non-substantiated “facts” and that’s from both sides of the aisle.  If something makes the rounds on the Internet then that makes it true?  Same with TV news which I will watch only if forced to while cranking the sweat out on the Elliptical machine.  All we get on the news is talking heads rather than reportage.  I can’t stand that.  It could be advancing age.

Your mom gave me a quick update on your trip to SF, Reid, and from the sound of things you both had a great time.  She sent some photos of the birthday party for Andy and Steph’s little girl but I’ve yet to download anything.  I’m glad you got to attend.  Ellen, your Halloween shots of the tykes on your street with Henry were a scream.  Keep those coming and I’ll keep posting them on the blog.  Glad the cotton bolls arrived in time for you section on seeds.  I’ll keep my nose to the ground for other Southern items you wouldn’t normally find in the Twin Cities.  Love to you both.


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