Good for something…

Mom at dinner. It's so good to see her smile after the rough stretch of months she's endured.

Well, it seems the Internet is good for something besides porn (I’m not a viewer) and putting newspapers and book stores out of business.

The staff at the home where my mother lives sent a batch of photos of mom that made my heart skip a beat for the first time in a long while.  She just looked great – smiling and happy for a change.  She’s got a new buddy – I don’t know her name – but it’s always good to have a pal to pal around with.


November 11, 2010

Mom: You can’t believe how happy I was to get a batch of photographs of you the other day from the staff there at Country House.  You looked so good and so happy.  And who was the baby you were holding?  It was really good to see you smile.  The surroundings there look pretty nice.  The staff sent the pictures over the Internet, and be sure to tell them thanks, and to keep the photos coming.

Played golf yesterday with a couple of my buddies at the bank.  I’ve been trying to stay away from the course but they demanded, as only bankers can.  As usual, I got crushed by those thieves.  But we had a great time.  One of the guys had his 11-year-old son with him, Jack, and for the first time in his life the young lad broke 100.  He had a 98 and that’s pretty good shooting for a little kid.  You’ve never seen a kid smile so much.  He was on cloud nine.  It was a beautiful day in the low 70s and bright sunshine.  If my God-awful long swing isn’t enough, my short game went to hell in a hand basket.  I couldn’t get up and down to save my life.

We’re cooling down here.  It was in the upper 20s a couple of nights ago and that’s pretty much taken care of any tender, growing plants.  I planted some pansies in the window box out front and they still seem to be living.  The lettuce is doing fine, too.  I’ve been wearing a coat and hat to the office for a change.

Tomorrow I may try some fly fishing for the trout up at a spot called South Mountain.  It’s about an hour drive from here although there is no easy way to get to it.  There’s no real easy way to get to anywhere in North Carolina.  Anyway, the fish are reported to be quite large, some up to 20 inches.  All rainbows.  Those are a little bigger than we used to catch up in the Rockies.  I saw the pictures from a friend so I can verify that the fish are big.  I’m angling to just get outside, really.  Felicia and I will take her daughter’s dog, she’s a Labrador mostly, along for the ride.  Maybe that will tire the dog out to take a long walk.

Finished my church newsletter last night.  When it’s printed I’ll send you a copy.  It’s 12 pages and it takes about 25 hours a month to do.  But I enjoy it and the minister seems to like it so I guess that’s what matters.  It’s not the best looking thing you’ve ever seen but the content isn’t bad.

I talked last night to Henry and Mary up in Portland.  He seems to be doing fine although Mary holds the fort down for the most part.  He was full of questions about North Carolina and how I like it down here.  I assured him that it was fine enough although some of the Southern ways take a little getting used to.

Well, gotta run to the office.  You be good, and keep the beautiful pictures coming.


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