Freedom from letters…

Last Monday no letter was sent to Ellen and Reid.  It would have been too weird to arrive in Minnesota a day or so ahead of the arrival of the letter at Ellen’s house.  Such a suspension isn’t entirely abnormal; no letters have been mailed the weeks I’ve visited either of the kids.  Freedom from letters is okay once in a while.

That once in a while extends to today.  Nothing will be mailed.  This will be two Mondays in a row where no letter has been prepared, the longest such stretch since I’ve lived in Charlotte.  I am literally at a loss for (written) words.  But mentally I’m already headed down next week’s path; Reid is thinking about grad school and I want to make sure it’s for the right reasons, and Ellen has her own stressors.  We had a good Thanksgiving week but the three of us are talked out.  A break from the written routine never hurt anyone.


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