A residential Stairmaster…

When I moved to Charlotte, the bank was nice enough to put me into corporate housing – a downtown apartment actually – for a determinate period.  If you like white walls, white trim, white carpet, white appliances, white upholstered furnishings and a white ceiling, it was nice enough.

Convenient as it was to the office, I couldn’t wait to leave, to own something on my own.  So, my trusty Realtor and I scoured the entirety of Charlotte.  Big homes, small homes, town homes, hi-rises, close in, far out.  I trod through them all.  Then we found a townhome on South Hill View Drive.  I bought the place almost on a whim.  Why someone didn’t slap me upside the head about a three level unit, I will never know.  It is like owning a residential Stairmaster, with the gym membership disguised as a mortgage.  Some day it may be Ellen and Reid’s, but I’m not sure they’ll be able to resell a home where the real estate agent’s promotional flyer says “perfect if you love physical exertion!”


Not that a move is in the offing, but this older letter touches upon the tumultuous days of moving into my own space.

Oct. 23, 2006

Kidz: So much for Charlotte being in the hot zone.  Man, it’s freezing here – 41F this morning – and all the locals are whining about it.  I’d whine, too.  But it sure is a lot more comfortable compared to high 80s and ultra-humid.

Speak up now or forever hold your piece.  What do you want for Christmas?  Yeah, I know it’s early in the gift giving phase, but let me know.  EB, I have a good idea what to get you, but Reid, I am drawing a total, utter blank.  I mean, it is a blank slate.  As for me, don’t get me anything.  Honestly, don’t feel you have to get me anything other than a card.  I’d like to get you both down here at some point not long after the holidays.  Maybe a long weekend down at the timeshare in Hilton Head???  Sure, it’s fine if the Tim-ster comes along.

Took the Harley up through the Blue Ridge Parkway on Saturday.  About 400 miles of cold weather riding, but it was survivable.  Really pretty up there in a different way from the Colorado-Wyoming mountains.  The traffic was unbelievable, in fact it was so slow you got a really good look at each limb and leaf.  That’s when you realize when you live in the East, you’re close to the population centers.  It was good to put the bike through its paces and it ran like a champ.

There’s still fall out from Uncle Ralph‘s visit.  My new friends Betsy and Bob (Cakes, they want us to come over for dinner the Friday you’re here) can’t stop talking about Ralph and how much he talked.  It’s just a riot.  They took me to Gaffney, South Carolina yesterday to buy rugs for the kitchen and living room, and we really got some beauties.

Betsy is a shopper extraordinaire.  She knows what to do, especially with my money.  But the rugs are nice and very good quality.  The rugs are great and help muffle the sound on the hardwood floors.  The big 8×10 gem is all wool, hand sewn in India.

That’s good, because the furniture is supposed to be here by this time next week.  I cannot wait.  The new place doesn’t seem quite mine yet without furniture to make it seem like a home.  You know what I mean?

The cable guy put in cable.  So now the old TV that was in the basement is now working, although the volume doesn’t go very high.  Can’t figure that out.  Got HBO for the first time ever.  I started to watch TV last night for the first time as I curled up on the new rug with my new fleece throw from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  But I conked out almost immediately and woke up about 1:30 to Jerry Falwell preaching.  What a whacko.

Lets see, what else…I told you cousin Jeff emailed me, didn’t I???…I sent your mom an All-Clad Pancake griddle to replace the one I brought down here…Nebraska lost a tight one to Texas (uncle Ralph probably puked)…Pat Drickey is down here today to shoot a golf course and we’ll have dinner tonight…

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