That a sub-rosa organization can obscond with and then publish tens of thousands of documents – no matter the source and no matter if the material is sensitive or not – speaks to today’s Internet media environment.  They’re just a bunch of Wiki-geeks masquerading as information purveyors.  What have we gained and are we better off knowing what we didn’t know before?  It’s like gaining access to someone’s dental records.  So what?

On the flip side is a report in Psychology Today about the extinction of letter writing and the loss of gratification from handwritten letters.  My efforts may not be handwritten but I’m doing all I can to keep the genre alive.


Today’s letter to mom was written last night before I jettisoned the office.

December 3, 2010

Mom: Well, I’m in the office late trying to get some added work done.  Not sure if anyone will notice but we’ll keep plugging away at it until someone does (or I hope they do).  Someone asked for a spiffy chart and it’s a spiffy chart they’ll get.  It’s actually pretty cold outside so it doesn’t bother me to stay inside a little while longer.  I’ve got a stock-pot filled with turkey soup at home which should make some of the shivers go away.

I’m already trying to wrap up what Christmas shopping there is.  The kids haven’t voiced much in terms of what they want; Reid wanted gloves and outdoorsy-socks and I’ve already shipped those to him, and who knows what Ellen wants.  I offered to pay for a month of yoga for her at her exercise studio but she didn’t give me much of a response.  She really loves that yoga stuff.  I’ve tried it before and it turned me into a human pretzel.  I had to stay in the back row of the class in case someone would see me contorting and twisting in ways my body did not want to go.  The instructor would ask why I stopped going to classes and the answer was easy: I didn’t want to end up in a body cast.

Your other son says you made a return trip to the dentist the other day.  What’s up with that?  I hope everything is okay.  A guy I play golf with has no teeth – and doesn’t want any – and I can’t figure out how he eats when we head out for a bite after our rounds.

My little house needs to have the insulation revisited.  The attic doesn’t have near enough and the windows are, in a word, drafty.  If you put a candle by a window the breeze would blow it out.  They just don’t put in good windows or wall insulation as a general rule down here.  Not sure why that is because it would be really important during the hot summer days.  But you sure as heck freeze your you-know-what off in the winter months.  It’ll start warming up on late February – I think.

Not much else is going on.  I’ll watch Nebraska get crushed by Oklahoma on Saturday night – the Big Red doesn’t stand much of a chance – and that will give me something to do at home for a change.  The pro teams down here are just awful.  One of the guys got fined for doing something stupid like yelling at the refs.  His one game check that he won’t get is over $100,000.  For one lousy game.  Hey, give me half of that and I’ll make most of my jump shots.

Well, I’m out of here Mom.  Hope to see you soon, and want to assure you I still love you with all my heart. 


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