Send me your address…

A friend at work informed me this week I was on their short list to receive a personalized Christmas e-card.

The cards are nice, beautiful even, she said, and they sure save a lot of time.  I’m sure they do.  Her’s will feature some sort of animated blinking thing although she’s not sure right now which e-card she’ll pick.  Really, I’m okay with it since it’s the thought that counts.

I suppose Christmas traditions have to start somewhere, but this hybrid approach that melds real cards with technology throws me off a little bit.  I’m gearing up to do what I did last year, which is to pepper people with short notes in lieu of cards, so if you want one, send me your address since my skills at keeping contact lists fall woefully short of Santa’s data keeping mechanisms.


Last week I reminded my friend Bob in Des Moines that we Nebraska fans have to take our pleasure where and when we can.  Unfortunately, the pleasurable moments have been few and far between.  Here is that note.

November 29, 2010

Bob: I have assumed the role of an unlicensed financial advisor in that I’ll keep your growing pile of $1 bills here to “accrue in value.”  That’s probably a better return than you’ve been getting.  At some point in time you will be paid in a lump sum.  The lump sum will be triggered if and when it reaches triple figures, minus my fee, of course.

Nebraska seemed to have an easy enough time with Colorado.  Good to see the Buffs get punked one last time seeing how they’ve been a–holes for a long time.  I have a history with them that dates back to the late 60s’ when we were out there for a cross country meet and stayed over for the NU/CU game (which Nebraska won to precipitate my problem later that day) all of which was exacerbated by me wearing a red Nebraska cowboy hat up on The Hill after the game.  But a good old fashioned ass kicking for old time’s sake was in order.  Iowa will be a better natural opponent for a border war anyway.  The Huskers will probably get rolled by Oklahoma this weekend but it will give me something to do Saturday night.  Watch for near-continuous text messages.

Your idea of a bike ride to Alaska sounds kind of fun.  Hopefully my Heritage (44,000 miles) will be up to such a trip.  In the best of all worlds it would be nice to get one of the new Harley Road Kings but we’ll have to see how the rest of this job situation shakes out over the next month or so.  Pierson made such a trip but he rode on a lot of gravel and rock roads and saw bears and the like all along the way.  But it would still be a great trip, but not one you make over the course of a long weekend, that’s for sure.

We had a pretty good Thanksgiving but as you perhaps see with your own girls – at least it is with my two – kids move well past their parents and on with their own lives.  It really is all about them and what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.  That would just be the way of the world, I suppose.  It is the natural order.  Ellen is thinking and talking about babies and Reid is thinking about his role in the pecking order of smart people.  I fear he’s not having as much fun as he should.  He’s going to be old before his time.  You guys had family in from Nebraska, isn’t that right?  Hope Val’s son was moderately behaved.

Well, I’m back to the grind to prove whatever worth I can.  My second-to-last-paycheck arrives tomorrow.  If they keep me on the temptation is strong to buy a Road King, but if not I’ll suffer through with a high mileage Heritage.

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