One last letter to mom…

Given that most letters to my mother are pretty much the same – weather, kids, bad golf – I’ll spare you from any more Friday pages.  Not that I won’t send her a letter every week, but there’s no need to expose you to further boredom.  My friend Betsy wondered aloud where the letters to my folks, and now my widowed mother, fit into a blog about letters to children.  She has a point.

In that sense, as of next week I’ll scale back to twice a week posts.  Most likely I’ll target Tuesday and Fridays.  I’ve made the idle threat before but this time I mean it.

But for old time’s sake, here’s your last look at one last letter to mom.


December 17, 2010

Mom: You really sounded good on the phone last night and I’m glad you’re feeling better.  Seems like they have pretty good doctors out that way.  Now if they could just do something about hospital food then you’d really be doing well.

The big news down here in Charlotte is that I got another job at the bank.  There may be a little bit more travel involved but that’s okay as long as it’s not too much.  I had my fill of travel a few years back and there’s no way I’ll be gone for weeks at a time like I used to be.  Ellen and Reid are excited about the new situation.  For me it’s a nice Christmas present.

I hope I can still make it out there in time for Christmas.  This new situation has me a little up in the air in terms of travel plans but I’d love to be out there to see you and Ralph and Gayle.  We’ll just have to see how things pan out in the next few days.  In theory I’m supposed to drive up the road to Greensboro, North Carolina early in the week and that may throw a kink into the plans.  But we’ll see.

We’ve really been cold down here.  The chill comes through my windows as if they are wide open.  The fireplace on the middle floor has seen plenty of activity since the heater only seems to heat the top of my three floors.  So I’ve taken to bundling up inside while I’m here.  I know I’ve whined about the lack of insulation and the like in the houses here but honestly, whoever builds these stuff might as well be making straw houses.  I can’t wait to open my next gas bill.

A few birds have made trips to my newly-installed bird feeders outside the kitchen windows.  They’ll get used to it I suppose.  When the evil cats are around they tend to scare the birds away.  This is when I wish I had a pellet gun to remind them with a little sting to stay away.  But then I’d get in trouble for that, too.  The feeders aren’t built with the same care dad might have used but hey, they still hold bird seed.

My friends Betsy and Bob, who you met down here, are having us over for dinner on Saturday night.  It will be good.  My contribution will be homemade bread and a bottle of wine or two (I’ll have a glass in your honor).  Betsy has this habit of making more than one dessert and I’ve told her to make no more than one.  My waistline seems to be puffing up a little more these days and her yummy desserts are more than I can resist.

Well, I’m gonna have one more cup of coffee and get dressed for work.  Keep your warm coats on and your slippers, too, and I hope to see you all at the end of the week.



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8 responses to “One last letter to mom…

  1. Mort

    Congratulations on the new job Brad. I know you’re looking forward to those TSA pat-downs.

  2. Tom Andersen

    Dave, is this a permanent job at the bank? I certainly hope so. Best to you and your family during the Christmas season. (Did you by any chance get to Tim’s church over Thanksgiving?)

    • Hey, Tom. Thanks. It’s been quite a six month ride, but this calms the waters a bit. FYI…I’ve got four signers-on for the Bridger Wilderness, plus another 3-4 in the decision stage. You headed to Portland for Christmas or are they coming to you?

      • Tom Andersen

        What a great Christmas gift, Dave. Ben and Celia and our granddaughter Louisa (seven weeks) and Eli will all be here for Christmas. We are so looking forward to it. We just had Mom and Dad here Sunday and yesterday for a before Christmas Christmas. They will be in San Antonio with Barb and her family. Best of the season to you.

        • Tom (grandpa): Sounds like you all have had a busy Christmas season so far. Just got your parent’s holiday letter today. Always good. Hope you guys continue to have a great Christmas season.

  3. Laurie Taylor

    Great news on the new job!! Congratulations!!
    Merry Christmas!!

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