Happy New Year!…

Although I’ve shifted to a Monday-Thursday posting schedule, I couldn’t let 2010 go out the door without a little kick in the butt for good measure.  Not that I reference bad tidings very often, but the kids have seen me give thanks that an old year is past.


January 2, 2007

EB/Reid: Good riddance, ’06.  See you later.  Goodbye.  Ta-ta.  Cheerio.  Adios.  Adieu.  I don’t wanna see that year no mo’.  As Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce sang for Cream, ‘it it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all’.  Amen, brother.

So now, tell me precisely when the two of you can come to Charlotte.  February 1-4 perchance?  You need to knock heads on schedules, although you don’t need to arrive on the same days or the same planes.  Just let me know and I’ll get the tickets (or EB, make your plans and I’ll write you a check).  I’ve got some restaurant plans (Cakes, does the name Il Porto ring a bell?) as well as some live music venues for us to hit.  Your rooms will be waiting and the sheets will be clean.

Had a bang-up New Year with Betsy and Bob.  Started out with wine at Dean & DeLucas Wine Bar, followed by dinner at Ruth’s Chris (a great steakhouse) followed by a funky live music bar called the Comet Grill.  The band literally is squeezed into an 8”x8” space right at the front door so you’re bumping shoulders with the bassist as you walk in.  Clanged in the New Year with a small glass ‘o bubbly.  The Comet supposedly also has the finest burgers in town but haven’t tried those yet.  New Year’s day was a long one.  On top of that, the Big Red fumbled away yet another bowl game.  Drat.  I don’t want to know if I want to know what you guys did on New Years, especially you, Reid.  Chicago on New Year’s eve?  Sounds dangerous, but in a good way.  Wanted to get the Harley out yesterday but just ran out of time.  It’ll be in the upper 60’s this weekend, so watch out South Carolina!  Here I come!

The Christmas tree came tumbling down yesterday.  The one thing about a small, fake tree is that it dismantles quickly and is stuffed into the same box that shows it was made in Indonesia.  So much for all the South Pole talk.  Same for the ornaments.  Stuffed in a Renovation Hardware box relabeled ‘Christmas’.  It was a pretty tree, though.  The photograph of you two – what a couple of absolute hams – was just delightful.  It is SO YOU.  It’s the best possible gift that a dad, and mom, could receive.  Plus it saves me a few bucks because I was going to plop you in front of a professional photographer when you both are down here.

Sounds like you and Tim are making some progress, Ellen.  As you’ve seen all too well, most relationships hit potholes.  And that’s a good thing because it can’t be peaches and cream and lovey dovey all the time.  It’s how you choose to fill the potholes that matters.  Woe causes people to – hopefully – talk through issues and concerns, and your mom and I know that as well as anyone.  So it may be a bit of the maturation process for your relationship.  It makes you introspective about what you want and what you expect.  Just keep working at it, kid.  As your grandmother told me repeatedly and often: there are plenty of fish in the sea.  If I heard that once, I heard it a thousand times.

Well, who says you can’t freeze a turkey carcass and resurrect it as turkey soup?  I tossed ‘dem bones in the freezer and pulled ‘em out yesterday and make several gallons of turkey soup in a 5 gallon kettle Betsy gave me.  It’s easy: throw in the carcass, some cheap noodles, a chopped up onion, some salt and pepper and simmer for a couple of hours and presto – lots and lots of turkey soup.  I mean 6 half gallon Tupperware containers full of soup.  Bon appetit!

That’s enough rattling on for now.  I’m outta here.  The salt mines beckon.  Will give blood today at 11:30.  It’s a good thing for both of you to do.  Just remember what I said about ’06: Goodbye.

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