Fatherly advice…

Those with school age children who presume that once their kids reach the age of majority that their parenting is finished may not want to read beyond this sentence unless they like having their bubble burst.

It won’t happen.  Parenting never stops and besides some of the most fun you have as a parent is when the kids are on their own.  At least they feign listening to you.

Last week’s letter allowed me to dispense a little fatherly advice. It is a preoggative that builds in value with every successive tuition payment.


January 24, 2011

Ellen/Reid: Since I’m not entirely sure of how things went down in Tahoe you’ll have to fill in the empty blanks of which there are many.  Hope you had fun, and no doubt there was no dearth of snow so you likely had your fill of snowboarding and skiing or snow shoeing.

I am back in the saddle this morning after last week’s trip to Greensboro.  I have to admit that there is something likeable about the new situation.  A new freedom to speak out and speak up, and it is quite refreshing.  Of course a person can’t just blurt things out (as I am wont to do) but it’s nice to have a seat at the intellectual table and flex the brain muscles for a change on things I know something about.  The change of guard (to say nothing of the change in venue) has been good in that regard.  There comes a certain authority to help affect change even if it does inch its way along.

Reid, I’ve been thinking a lot about your quest for grad school vs. your entrepreneurial spirit.  Both are good.  But let me toss in an 11th hour opinion which your mom agrees with (I think).  There is something to be said for an MBA degree.  This has come to light for several different reasons.  If you’re strictly in a digital or communications environment, you will be very narrow even though digital and online communications rule the business roost.  There is nothing wrong with that.  An MBA, however, would still let you continue your communication quest but it might round your rough business edges in the event you do want to go forward with Erik.  You would also be around people who aren’t as well versed in your deep approach to digital and media, and that might be a good thing for them and for you.  Plus, there are scads more MBA programs for you to choose from.  You can still zero in on digital media as part of your studies; i.e. your main focus of class work, your papers and thesis for example.  I cannot imagine business schools turning a blind eye to the very things you’ve told us about.  They know their graduates must survive in the digital world you know very well.  I know this comes at you at the 11th hour but I hope you will consider it especially if the New School does not pan out for whatever reason.  This in no way is meant to keep you in your agency situation but just to expand the grad school boundaries a little bit.  I don’t know how you go about exploring what other MBA opportunities there are that have a heavy digital footprint, but there must be a way to find them.

There was a study published last week (The Hechinger Report) that show today’s college grads have abysmal skills at discerning problems, critical thinking and even greater abysmal-ness at writing or communicating concepts and ideas.  I suppose that is a little bit more ammunition or fuel for the fire of grad school.  I think it’s depressing because I see a lot of that in play right now in my world.  Not that I am a poster child for such deep thinking but if almost half of college grads show negligible improvement in those skills in their four years, then something is really amiss in the academic world.  Less than one-fifth of their time each week is on academic pursuits.  I was probably in that ball park, if not worse, in college.  But I paid attention at the right time.

Mike and Mort may come down in mid-February, which by that time will mean I have transcended another birthday.  I need to stop counting.  I think Mike’s film is doing okay at the box office but the reviews could be better.  No Oscar nominations for him this time around.  I suppose we’ll play golf and tip back a few cold ones.  I may take them to some eateries out in the boonies to see how the other half of the Carolinas lives.

Time to go.  Work to do.  Fill me in on the West coast, and although you went back to colder temps, February should be somewhat warmer.  I know it will be, at least around here.

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