Henry and his buddy Tucker, the black Lab, cool their heels in Ellen's living room. No doubt once the picture was over, it was off to the races - again.

As I see it, connectivity has multiple meanings.  The popular sense as used by Ellen and Reid involves wires and tech gadgetry.  Then there’s my way.  What you see below is a recent note to three of my dearest friends – Diana, Jim and Pam – back in the old stomping grounds.  We used to play cards together.  I miss them a lot but I don’t want our continental drift to widen the gap any more than it is now.


December 15, 2010

Pam/Diana/Jim: Why I’ve not done a better job of staying in touch is just beyond me.  I was trudging around at noon today wondering why that is so and then it hit me that I could get off my butt and send you guys at least a short note.

I really miss you guys.  I miss Des Moines.  Stumbling upon friends has been a hit-and-miss proposition at best down here, and most of those that I do have are golfers.  Jim, as you saw it’s just a different way of living down in these parts.  If you’re not from here, well, you are insulated from the rest of the genteel society. 

But I suppose I’m here to stay unless something really whack happens.  The arbiter in the move or stay equation is real estate and the weather.  No way could I possibly hope to recoup what I’ve got in my little townhome.  Prices have fallen like a stone and there’s not much hope on the horizon.  Time on market figures to be about 200 days if, as the mini-Allen Daltons down here say, the house is priced right.  It’s just the Home Marketing System, Southern style.  Stuff just isn’t moving.  It’s really tough on those that over-bought when prices were at the tip top.  If I was certain it would sell for even in the ballpark of what I paid for it things would be that much easier to simply pull up and go.  As for the weather, it just seems hard for me to deal with severe cold any more.  It’s been in the lower teens here the past few mornings and it’s been excruciating to get in the car and drive the half hour into the office.  Maybe it’s that it is a damp cold.  I don’t know, but it does cut to the bone.  But enough whining about that junk.

Jim, I need to know how you’re doing.  Diana, how are the girls and where are they?  And Pam, what are Nick and Sam up to?  Every once in a while I pick up some hearsay about various folks from Meredith and RES, but it’s pretty slim pickings.  I don’t know what Ray is doing or the Prengers or anybody else for that matter.  Since I’m so lousy at spending time on Facebook I guess I’ll just perpetually be on the outside looking in.

Don’t do a whole hell of a lot for fun other than try to golf now and then or ride the Harley.  I’m dating a woman now after nearly five years and it’s nice to have a companion.  Dating down here is a whole different world, and that could be construed to not being too good.  But I found a nice one.

Part of my world is going to be decided in the next few weeks and if and when that does happen I will spread the word to the three of you.  I hope you guys are still playing cards now and again, and if you are, deal me in.


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  1. Pammy

    Dear David, I check the blog every day to see if my name is mentioned. It’s always Henry this and Ellen that, and REID!!!! But today, it was all about me. (kidding). We miss you too. We miss playing cards, and I miss not really understanding the strategy of pitch and getting yelled at, and I miss Diana missing my birthday but always remembering yours — as she did again this year. We hope you will get back up here soon. xo Love you. Pammy

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