Unsavory items under the rug…

Now is when I know the kids are old enough to handle unwelcome news that, a few years ago, would have been veiled in terms meant to soften the blow or downgrade the reality of events.  But they’re adults now and plenty old enough to handle these things, even if it might make them squirm a bit.  Nothing is gained by sweeping unsavory items under the rug.

They don’t gain anything either by reading a ton of woe-is-me rhetoric.  Give them the facts and put the chips on the table.  I’m all in.  This isn’t a gamble; in fact, I’m pretty confident in the outcome when it comes to them being able to handle the cards they’ve been dealt  the past two weeks.


February 22, 2011

Ellen/Reid: I’m back at my desk this morning, and there’s nothing that says ‘welcome back to the office’ more than wading through (and deleting) more than several dozen e-mails.  And that’s just a day and a half backlog of the stuff.  I’m lucky, though.  Many people get many, many more.  It’s clear now that managing e-mail is a highly valued job survival skill.  No wonder I don’t spend more nights camped in front of my laptop.

Actually, I’m feeling pretty chipper yet am wondering how long it will take me to truly get back into A) the swing of things or B) the grind.  Take your pick.  Over the weekend it occurred to me to wonder where would I be if not for the insurance that came with being allowed to stay on board full time?  Yeesh.

One of the beauties of being back in the shop is being rid of the lesser thoughts that you have when you’re home alone and wondering about all the consequences of this episode.  How did I get to that point?  What signs did I conveniently overlook?  What happens now?  Not that either of you should worry about such things on this end.  I guess the notion that ‘time marches on’ does provide food for thought.  This aging thing isn’t overly bothersome to me, but it’s all in how you manage what comes your way.

I go back in the final full week in March so the doctor can kick the tires yet again.  The basis of the check up is to do an ultrasound of the bladder to make sure it’s draining properly and not retaining any excess fluid.  Not to be coarse about it, but I haven’t gone this well in quite some time.  Became inured over time to it, so Reid, make sure you pay attention since there’s the chance down the road that this could be a generational thing on our side of the family.  The doc and I haven’t talked about things from that angle, but just pay attention.  The next time you have your physical – you should do that at least once a year – make a point to ask about it.  You’re years away from any potential problem so I’m at least urging you to stow this away in the memory banks.

I haven’t been scared, really, of any of this.  Alarmed, yes.  Overly frightened, no.  Maybe my lid isn’t screwed on right but I’ve been pretty level headed about it.  I suppose there are worse things that could happen.  Such are the wages of age, I guess.  Various parts begin to lose their warranties and replacements are hard to come by.  When I was sequestered on the urology floor at Carolina’s Medical Center, I could hear people far worse off than me; kidney transplant patients and others in sheer agony from whatever it was they suffered from.  This may sound sort of odd, but knowing that you two are out and on your way is very satisfying to me, and no doubt to your mother, too.  Our jobs are done in some respects.  Believe me, it could be a far different picture.  That crossed my mind more than once up on the 10th floor.  Maybe I would’ve been better suited to the psych ward.  That was down on 6.

But I’m on the road to recovery and thinking of other things.  We put up a bluebird house over the weekend after a random bluebird sighting, but the only birds scoping out the cedar box have been some chickadees and they seem to have taken a pass on it.  Lettuce seeds went in the ground on Saturday along with some spinach and arugula.  So things are slowly returning to a degree of normalcy.  My time on the shelf is down to four weeks, and I’m rarin’ to get back on the course and on the bike, plus resume my walks around the extended block.  But it’s all one step at a time.



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2 responses to “Unsavory items under the rug…

  1. Jim McGough

    I think we should plan a trip to the Big Apple and find a Long Island banker to take to dinner in Manhattan. You won’t need to bring a take-home container…

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