Under the influence…

Last Friday night while relaxing in front of the tube with a cold beer and minding my own business, I took a rapid-fire series of text messages from my friends Dave and Jane (she of Coeur d’ Alene planning fame).  Obviously, both were under the influence of their own Friday night libations which had elevated their inquisitiveness to new heights.  I’m not entirely sure what the hell we texted about beyond pulling each other’s chains.

But they’ve been on the short list to receive regular letters, and their texting escapade moved me to write something to them on Tuesday.


April 5, 2011

Jane/Dave: Your flurry of Friday night text messages, done under duress or under the influence, has not fallen entirely on disbelieving eyes or deaf ears.  Jane, since you are the Maven with the Most-est, I will leave the planning for Friday night, April 6 up to you if you guys are game for such things.  I have wedding festivities most of that day and the next, but should be able to recover in time for the ceremony.  For the record, it’s not me getting hitched.  Yet.  You would be the first to know, or closely thereafter.

You’ll need to refresh my memory about the date and other particulars for the DDD&B reunion tour later this fall.  I know it involves golf and probably boats, although my ship has yet to come in.  You wine stewards will have to lead the way.  This will be a fun situation.  The lies, accusations, unfounded rumors, etc., will really be flying.  It seems to me to be as good time as any to pile on Bob for general purposes.  He is defenseless against our relentless onslaught.  He becomes an increasingly easy target as his wine consumption mounts during the evening.

I get into town on Thursday and head over to the old house to box up some things for shipment down to Charlotte.  That will likely consume most of Thursday night and Friday morning.  Kathy is selling the house as we speak and I need to get some of my parent’s stuff out of there that she was nice enough to let me stow things there.  My Ellen has already made off with some of her items although Reid will no doubt be content to wait until the last minute to claim his stuff, if not later than that.

Dave (and Jane), I can confirm that the Bridger wilderness trip is indeed on; we head into the high country on Sunday, July 23 and come out probably the following Wednesday or Thursday.  3-4 nights, max.  Our jumping off point is Pinedale, WY.  I have eight people in tow from Charlotte, including Felicia and me.  So you are all more than welcome.  It is a good, low key group, and it’s basically a pleasure cruise and an opportunity to fish and sightsee.  Alas, the fishing won’t be South America quality, but we will eat some of what we catch.  We won’t work very hard and it will be as far from a forced march as you can get.  It is highly doubtful that my Ellen and Reid will be able to join us.

There was an article in this morning’s paper that the copperheads are now out in full force, and that North Carolina is the leader in copperhead snake bites which number in the many hundreds per year.  At least we lead in something.  This means I can’t forage as much for stray golf balls on the local golf courses, and in all my time down here I can attest to have seen less than five such snakes.  Since I won’t give up walking and carrying my sticks, I’ll keep my 5 iron out and handy in order to defend myself.  We won’t see snakes up in the Bridger but the park service says wolves have migrated out of Yellowstone (about 150 miles north) toward the Bridger if not into the wilderness area itself.  That would be cool to hear their howls as the pack hauls down some hapless prey, as long as it’s not us.

Feeling pretty good these days.  Not many potholes on the road to recovery.

Well, I’m back at it this morning.  The work is unceasing and the conference calls never ending.  I’ll see you guys in pretty short order and since you’ve already broken the texting ice, I will respond in kind as the trip draws closer.

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