The seeds of life…

The bounty of lettuce on my front porch. I hope Ellen can replicate it in Minnesota.

Every now and then I spin out a fast one-off letter on some minor or inane topic.  Yesterday, one such note went to Ellen (or Cakes as I often call her).

She and her hubby Tim have a sunny spot at the top of their back concrete entry way.  It is the ideal spot for a middling pot of fresh lettuce.  It would be safe from ultra-ravenous neighborhood herbivores (aka bunnies) that would mow down anything at ground level.  I’ve planted lettuce varietals in just such an arrangement for the past couple of years, and the yield has been more than one person can consume.  Of course, Felicia’s appetite for greenery has stressed my lettuce/spinach production.  The note below was hand written on legal paper.  The seeds will likely break ground before Ellen can decipher all my scratchings.


April 14, 2011


Here are the seeds of life (or at least salads).  Plus a tiny bit for a pot.

Get a wide pot.  Plastic is fine.  Doesn’t need to be real deep.  Dirt from your garden is fine, mixed with a little potting soil.

Use your finger as a dibble (the thing to create shallow holes for the seed).  Put 3-4 seeds in every hole.  The entire pot should be filled with seed holes.  Roughly 1/3 of the space should be allotted for each seed packet.  Holes should be about this far apart:

(I attempted to draw circles about 3 inches apart in all directions in the pot.  An artist I am definitely not.)

That way you fill the whole thing.  In about 40 days: bon apetit!

Love, Dad


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  1. Mort

    Lettuce gather together…

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