Bridger update…

Things are moving ahead on the July trip to the Bridger Wilderness in Wyoming.  A group of eight of us from Charlotte are on board (there is room for plenty more hikers).  Most will fly into Jackson Hole, about 75 miles from our spot in the Wind River Range.  We assemble in Pinedale on Saturday, July 23 and after all the gear is straightened away and the food is packed into ‘bear barrels’ we head into the high country on Sunday the 24th for three to five nights.

The locals met for an update a couple of weeks ago and I’m relieved a die-hard and experienced hiker has decided to join our little band of outdoors people.  He knows his stuff.  I told the group this will be far from a forced march; rather, it will be the original pleasure cruise of backpacking.  Three or four miles by foot per day, frequent stops, lots of fishing. If this holds a smidgen of interest for you, climb aboard.  No experience necessary.

Alas, Ellen and Reid likely won’t make it.  Reid is talking about walking the Oregon coast with a buddy, and Ellen will likely opt to spend her time in northern Minnesota.

If there’s a high point for the trip, beyond the peaks themselves, it’s that my friend John’s two daughters, ages 11 and 14, both Carolinians to the core, will get their first taste of the truly wild-and-wooly outdoors.

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