Conversations aren’t limited to phone calls…

I was about to hit the sack last night – please, don’t embarrass me by asking what time – when the phone jangled.  It was Reid.

After weeks off  the family radar, the lad finally surfaced.  For 30 minutes he opined and dad listened.  The big news was a trip to a music festival in Tennessee called Bonnaroo.  He and a group of friends, four guys and seven girls (I can do that math), rented an RV in Dallas and drove to TN to sweat and groove.  It’s at this point that dads should turn a blind eye to whatever the hell else goes on.

But during our golden half hour, Reid dropped in random items that he had no other way of knowing about other than the weekly letters.  Not that he’s not done that before, but after several weeks of not talking to each other – hey, the kid lives his own life – it was validation that conversations aren’t limited to phone calls.


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