The dog days of summer…

Our Mountain Hardware tent. It reportedly has a "dry entry" but we're about to put that to the test.

The dog days of summer arrive, in theory, in August but the heat and swelter seem to have come many weeks too early.  It is a groaner around these Southern parts.  Like prunes, is one (shower) enough or is three (showers per day) too many?  Tough to stay cool and collected.  Still, the heat may have sapped my creativity, but letters still go out the door.


July 5, 2011

Ellen/Reid: Some big storms rolled through last night with their own kind of noisemaking and that kind of washed out any plans to go see fireworks.  The skies cleared enough later that I could hear the celebratory explosions as I was in bed.  That tells you all you need to know about what time I hit the sack.

Jeez, Reid.  26?  It is just plain hard to believe.  If you would have had your wits about you, you should’ve emerged on the 4th and then we’d really have a tale to tell about a Firecracker Baby.  But we’ll settle for you as you are.  Keep plugging away at work kid, and good things will happen.  It’s worth remembering you haven’t been there all that long.  Your knowledge base and attitude will be worth something to someone in the near future.  The agency biz is just a tough gig; always is and always will be.  There has to be a firm out there where you can ply your trade without the ever-present stress.  Stress is always going to be there but perhaps it’s the quality of stress that matters.  You’ll never be rid of it.  We should talk about what sort of plan you have for yourself beyond grad school.

Ellen, your text early this morning about Tim maybe coming along with you to Wyoming is very cool.  I hope it all comes to pass by the time you get this.  His experience will be invaluable, plus he can carry some of the heavy stuff that would’ve normally been laden on my shoulders.  We are really going to have a super group of hikers.  I don’t know that he will catch record fish, but we need him to keep a few so we can adequately feed the throng (and that includes you).  Reid, I wish you could go but there will be a next time.

We bungled our way through setting up the tent for the first time yesterday morning.  A couple of oafs if there ever were.  The instructions are miniaturized drawings only so it is complete guesswork as to how some of snaps and rigging come together.  Actually, the tent should go up in a jiffy.  We cut out some heavy plastic as a footprint so that part of it is ready to go.  We never did fire up the stove, mainly because one of us forgot to buy white gas.  Reid, I unfortunately never took the time to watch you assemble and light the stove because unlike the tent, the instructions are NASA-grade quality.  Pages of fine print.  My old MSR went together in a moment and was super-easy to use.  This new one was created by lawyers if you gauge things by how the manual reads.  Still, we are excited to get out of Dodge and hit the trail.  Most everything we need is in hand, and if we need something we’ll get it in Jackson, including all the food.  That’s how our Friday will be spent, packing and marking packages with food galore.  You guys had better be ready to eat Spartan meals because this will be far, far, far removed from haute cuisine.  Here’s to hoping we catch a lot of fish to supplement our pasta and rice meals.  We’ll have a lot of novice fisher-people.  Poor fish.

The other portions of the weekend were fairly leisurely.  Golf, a B-B-Q, a C+ movie (“Battle of Los Angeles”) and a little bit of bike riding.  Felicia’s leg isn’t yet up to speed to tolerate any longer rides.  Besides, it’s not a lot of fun to ride/bake in the heat for any sort of distance.  Just went past 45,000 miles on the old Heritage.  That’s a lot of miles.

It was hard to crank up the engine for work this morning but I’d best get to it.  The coffee is long gone so I’ll have to muddle through the morning as best I can.  Happy birthday, Reid (26?) and Ellen, we’ll see you (and hopefully Tim) in fairly short order.


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