A spring in his step…

Given that Ellen and I were days away from our Wyoming trek, it made some sense to ditch her name from the letter last week and mail a solo-shot to her younger brother, Reid.

The kid has regained a spring in his step.  His voice is cheerier and he seems to be living life a little more.  A few local concerts in Chicago with a girlfriend in tow (that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it) might be the cure for many ills.


July 21, 2011

Reid: It was great to get your shot of Wrigley Field the other night.  Keep sending me that sort of stuff.  It gives me a little insight into your world.  Too bad the Cubs keep getting rolled but that just means the curse of the Billy Goat lives on.  Nothing wrong with a couple of cold beers to wash down the Cubbies emptiness.

It may be inaccurate but it likely is a fair description that your stake in the ground keeps sinking a little lower into Chicago.  That really is one hell of a town.  Where else can you go to see Indiana Jones movies on a screen in the park or head over to the beach?  I need to get off my rear while it’s still summer to get up there.  I keep telling people that from all perceptions you’re doing just fine and getting along at work.  But that’s about as much as I know so any of the holes you can fill for me, please do.

Today we shove off for the Bridger.  The gear is packed and anything that’s missing we can acquire in Jackson.  People seem pretty pumped about it.  Felicia won’t be hiking as the wound on her leg keeps opening and her medical advice is to not worsen it by tromping around and possibly getting it infected.  She’ll traipse around Wyoming in the SUV once she drops us off at the New Fork Lakes trailhead.  You and I went in at that point in ’06.  The water looks very high in the streams you can see on the Pinedale web cam.  Hopefully the roiliness will have subsided some by the time we get there, otherwise we’ll have to fish in the lakes rather than the streams.  I worry a little bit about the ability of keeping water clean if there is too much mud floating around.  But we’ll see.  We can always melt snow since there’s a lot of it still around.  The snow pack is incredible.  The glaciers will like it, however.  I’ll be sure to send some pictures and such once we are back in civilization.

Tough days at work.  You’ve seen the bank financials and the pressure is daunting.  They’ve even had us working both days the last few weekends.  That’s a lot to put on the shoulders of people who are already stressed to the max.  At least we’re now casting the stones at Countrywide which is probably what we should’ve done some time ago.  But it is what it is.  Se la vie.

Your grandmother got a good health report yesterday.  We were on a conference call with her PT, social worker and other health folks.  They gave a quick rundown of her current state of affairs and it could be a lot worse.  She’s not making progress so much as she is holding her own.  That’s okay with your uncle and me.

Listen, I’ve gotta run because people are pinging me left and right.  We do need to make a line in the sand about when I will be up there.  Tell me what your own plans are and we’ll plan accordingly.  I wish you were going to the Bridger.  How can we forget the last time when we slept in the car under a bright moon that shone in our faces like a flashlight?


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  1. Mort

    Dave – Photos, full account of Wyo trek is forthcoming, I hope. Chapters OK; serialize if appropriate. Looking forward…

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