The world has begun to rotate again…

Reid and son-in-law Tim really did a rock-solid job the week before last. They made a sad situation that much more palatable.

The world has begun to rotate again as life resumes its normal pace.  I find a semblance of routine has started to return.   No more worries about a late night call or hurried flight West.  For sure, there’s a peace about the outcome along with a sense of healing in knowing mom has accepted a higher calling.  How else would one think about it?

People have asked ‘how you doing?’ and the answer is “pretty well.”  That’s true.  No doubt it would be different if mom, and dad, too, would have been in the prime of their years only to leave us suddenly without adequate time for either side to say goodbye or prepare ourselves.

The more earthly concerns took a deserved back seat in recent months.  Now it’s back to the stuff that shouldn’t bother us but keeps creeping into the picture.   Ellen and Reid seem a fairly resilient pair (perhaps moreso than their old man); they roll with the punches with the best of ’em.  Now, their minds and emotions have been freed up as well.  Onward and upward.


October 11, 2011

Ellen/Reid: I don’t know about you guys but I am really dragging so far this week.  Sleep habits are now non-habits.  But we’ll regroup soon enough and be on our merry way.  I really appreciated your support last week.  You two came through like champs.  It was great to see everyone (even under the circumstances) especially the family.  It was noticeable at the funeral how many older people there were.  Most were mom (and dad’s) remaining friends.  You have to wonder what goes through their minds at events such as that as they watch old friends fall by the wayside.  It is just the way of the world.

Downstairs here is a large box of family photos.  Your uncle and I went through I don’t know how many boxes and stacks and divvied them up.  We tossed any pics where we didn’t have a clue who was who.  All the rest went to Uncle Henry, some to our cousins (both named Anne), and still others to mom and dad’s friends.  Some particularly old photos went to the county historical society in the event they needed any more old photos.  If the energy can be summoned, I’ll try to write on the back of each, in pencil, who the folks in the shots are, and the approximate dates.  Virtually all the pictures in the box are black and white.  Since I’m not much for scrapbooking or anything like that, the photos will probably remain in that white box until such time you two go through it.  It will be marked as such.  At least most of the sorting will have been done.  I’m not sure what the photos really tell us of our family history since there hasn’t been much of an effort to archive who did what and when.  I’ve got some notes that your grandfather dictated to me a couple of days before his death.  I’ll tuck those in there, too.

The rumble of big changes at work when I got back.  Huge departments consolidated and shifted around.  What it means is that lots of us, maybe thousands, will be on pins and needles in the next couple of months jobs-wise.  If it occurs, it occurs.  No sense stewing about it.  One door closes, another opens.  Might need to dust off those freelance hiring tips I kept yammering about to my class last summer.  That’s okay, too.  Social Security and retirement aren’t that far off although it would be good to cushion the nest for another couple of years.  I’m mildly surprised that they haven’t offered the older segment of our work force the prospect of early retirement.  Who knows.  That might surface yet.  In any event the shock factor of a pink slip at this time last year is not quite the same.  We will get through this.

Picked up a book in Grand Island to help pass the time, and by sheer coincidence it dovetails on precisely this issue of jobs and an approach to business life.  Babbit by Nobel laureate Sinclair Lewis.  It was written in the early 1920s and is an incredible descriptor of overindulgence and misplaced sense of well-being ans supposed excess.  It’s really good.  If either of you wants it, claim it now.  I’ll be done with it in the next day or so.  Ellen, it’s the first book I’ve read in a while, but it’s spurring me to find other works to hold my interest and keep me away from the tube.

Okay, guys, over and out.  Time for us to move upward and onward, to things like, say, Thanksgiving.


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