Are they really in their mid to upper 20s?…

Ellen calls Henry and Tim "my boys." A couple of good guys.

I am rarely on top of my game in anything; golf, weight loss, disciplined diet, stock picks, reading, etc.  To that abbreviated list you can add the all-too-late realization that the kids have quickly passed me by.

Reid to IndiaEllen with her own exciting news.  Lives in Chicago and St. Paul (MN).  A marriage, a girl friend, careers, a dog plus whatever else marks their ascendency into adulthood.  Are they really in their mid to upper 20s?

Generations of parents before us warned that parenting never stops.  We’re just the latest to acknowledge as much.  Closer to the truth might be that their mother and I are now relegated to more of advisory roles than simply being rule-the-roost parents.  They ask, we advise.  We are more peers than parents/children.  Perhaps we should be satisfied with where they are and how they got there and leave it at that.  It does give me pause about the habitual persistence in my weekly writing.  Do they really need to read stuff they already may know about given all they’ve got going on?


November 1, 2011

Ellen/Reid: Monday just totally got away from me; sat down at the work PC about 6:30 a.m. and called it a day about 5:45 (with a couple of breaks tossed in).  So this is created Tuesday morning after my first round of work duties is finished.

Again, no trick or treaters at the door last night.  That is the fifth straight year where not a single piece of candy was dispersed.  I suppose it would help if I turned on the porch light.  Then again, there are no kids in my neighborhood and the unit is tucked deep in the back of the development.  Besides, I’d eat most of the candy before the kids would ever get here.  I’d give them cheap suckers that no one wants.  Betsy sent me a photo of their bear dressed as Frankenstein, and she said they had a horde of kids.  If she had a $1 for every photo of kids posing with the bear, she’d be rich.  Ellen, it sounded great to hear your little neighbors show you their costumes.  In your neighborhood, you’d be flooded with kiddos, too.

Reid, I think you should head to India.  Ellen said as much last night, too.  You know, there will be times in life when you won’t be able to do such travel, and might as well get it done while you’re still young, footloose and fancy free and can afford it.  $2,000 seems like a pretty reasonable deal.  Ever since “Slumdog Millionaire” came out, that has been one of the spots that would have some appeal.  It just looks different, and interesting.  The bank subs out (“off-shoring” it’s called) a lot of work over there, and they seem very nice, smart, and accommodating.  So yes, pack your bags and get over there.  The dress code would be pretty laid back, and make sure you take clothes that you can rinse, dry and wear.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to get your passport and shots updated.  That sounds like an inordinate amount of fun.

Ellen, your little windfall should help in your new circumstances.  That would pay for a second bath and some other remodeling.  All you’d do is add to the value of your house beyond what you already added with the spiffy new kitchen.  So yes, start those upgrades.  Unfortunately, it won’t happen before my arrival for T-Day but that’s okay.  There’s always the next time, say, in May of 2012.  I think it’s really what your grandparents intended for you (and you, too, Reid) and that is to do some remodeling and start some sort of nest egg or college fund.  It’s not a gigantic cushion, but it is a good use of the assets and comes at precisely the right time for you.  That’s cool.  Hard to believe it’s already been a shade over one month.  That’ll take some getting used to but memories would seem to be the best part.  Your uncle has done a nice job of keeping things in place and on track.

More moving and shaking at work.  Folks shifted from one division to another.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  I don’t know, it’s just the corporate world in action.  It keeps everyone on their toes, or more precisely, their tippy tip toes.  This debit card thing weighs on us, although it’s not as dire as a lot of folks would have it.  I wouldn’t know what to do without bill pay and other bells and whistles like that.  I don’t mean to come off sounding like a shill but there are plenty of good things we do.  It’ll cost us some customers although what the final number is is anyone’s guess.

Next week, Bob Furstenau, Dave Dahlquist and Dave Hemminger are here.  We head over toward Pinehurst on the 10th.  I can’t wait.  Dave H. drove through Charlotte last week as he and Jane took Will and Ellen on a tour of colleges in North and South Carolina and TennesseeFurman and Elon were on the list.  They were moving so fast they couldn’t stop by, which is fine.  I’m glad your college tour days have come and gone.  Remember 114F at KU, Ellen?

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  1. Reid in India? Customer service nirvana. Sight-seeing and a lifetime of memories. Bon voyage, Reidster. As for you, it’s too late to quit… the weekly missive is now de rigueur. Whine, pine, shine. You have an audience that requires its weekly dose of Bradley. In the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work.”

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