The hammer stays on the shelf…

Reid, Ellen and Tim (Henry is under the table awaiting scraps) moments before Thanksgiving dinner. They're all doing great.

I suppose the holidays are no time to hammer away at the kids for who does what, and when, and how.  ‘Tis the season for Letters-Lite.  So that’s the what kids got and will get.  I mean, I don’t know what else you would write a few days removed from when we were together; ‘Ellen, your guest room needs spiffing up’ (which it didn’t), or ‘Reid, lose the beard’ (which he shouldn’t).

Indeed, the hammer stays on the shelf.  It isn’t needed.  Both are in good spirits, good health, and good frames of mind.  It’s always fun to be a dad but no more so than when you’re at their digs and you see them going about their business.  That’s when it becomes  crystal clear that they are not only on their way, they’re gone.  They’re making it work all the way around.  My role is relegated to consultative.  I like that.


November 28, 2011

Ellen/Reid: I wish the anticipation of a trip like last week would be as much fun as the trip itself was.  It was beyond great.  Ellen, your house is so cool with the renovated kitchen and there is sooo much potential upstairs.  Just think how much you’ve already done to your little spread so far; designer kitchen, woodwork and floors, décor, garden, yard, some windows, etc.  You’ve done a ton of spiffing up to it.  Bless Tim’s heart, he gets a Gold Star for really getting after it when it comes to working around the place (his fishing aside).  I knew a mechanical engineer would be good for something.  He lit it up all day Saturday.  I got tired just watching him.

Sorry about the bread.  Worst I have ever kneaded let alone baked.  It just went snafu from start to finish.  A total kaplooey.  Reid, if you ever bake like that, do not hesitate to throw it out.  I didn’t raise you to bake that badly.  Food-wise, that was the only downfall for the week.  Your Thanksgiving meal came out fabulously, and Tim’s omelets were to die for.  I still don’t think we ate and ate and ate to the point of gluttony.  By holiday standards, we ate moderately and not quite continuously.  So that was good.  The movie gets a 6 from me on the one to 10 scale.  The Hunger Games gets an 8.  Bought volume 2 at the airport and am already halfway through it.  The guy in the seat next to me on the plane ride home napped so there was no pressure to invite or continue a conversation so I could read in relative peace.  Those books just scream “movie!”

Reid, Liz was an incredible sport to go along with three other strangers plus you on a Friday night.  She was very nice to put up with our poor jokes and whatever else we were doing, especially the boy’s pouting at Anthropology.  She passed the test with ease.  Too bad you guys couldn’t ride home together but the airlines are going to demand their pound of flesh when it comes to change fees.  It’s incredible, too, that she lives not quite a stone’s throw from Ellen and Tim.  She does have a serious side and that’s okay.  The paper this morning reported on a poll that said 20-somethings (they have a term for your age group: “Millenniums”) have something less than a serious work ethic and I think the two of you buck that trend.  Nice to have someone by your side.

As you would guess, the weather here was sparkling – until I got home.  Now it’s raining and about 20 degrees cooler.  Makes it all the more inviting to work inside when things look particularly awful.  But as the locals continue to note, unlike you guys we don’t shovel most of our bad weather.  I’ll have to keep that in mind.  It stifles my walking, and Lord knows I’ll need to walk thousands of miles to remove the tire that is inflating around my waist.  Very depressing…as I reach for yet another ice cream bar.

Will haul out the Christmas tree here in pretty short order.  It’s just one of those small fake ones with the fake branches, and the cheapie ornaments are far from collectibles.  But at least it will be something.  Felicia and I will put it up this weekend, Friday night most likely.  Now, as for me present-wise, the only thing I want for Christmas, aside from an iPhone (I can take care of that), are some of those oldies rock tunes on your iPods that you can send me as CDs.  That’s all I want.  Reid, you and Tim know what I’m talking about.  There just isn’t anything else that’s needed.  I totally missed the boat on Cyber-Monday which would have been a good time to fill your stockings.  I’ll think of something.

So, enough yammering for today.  Back to the salt mines.  There’s work to be done.  Wish there was an app for that.

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