Christmas past…

Reid and his big sister Ellen back in the day. This is from a 2011 calendar that shows them down through the years. Still the best gift I've ever received.

Please believe me, but I have tried to be creative when it comes to Christmas gifts.  I really have.  Every time I get the itch it goes away just as quickly.  Maybe I am just not cut out for shopping.  The adage that generations of guys have repeated to themselves over and over, ‘women shop and men buy’,  is sort of my guiding light, mantra and rule of engagement all rolled into one.

All of which does take me to the mental spot where I do give things a long second thought, and that would be the days of Christmas past.  Right about now I think a lot about the days when Ellen and Reid were peanuts.   Contrary to the letter below, neither of them were jaded about the season of giving nor did they bother to make detailed lists.   Whatever they got, they liked.  I wish one or both of them would be here this season but with their lifestyles, its just not in the cards right now.   To have at least Reid here next year is item #1 on my early wish list for ’12.


December 5, 2011

Ellen/Reid: I have been on snooze-control when it comes to shopping.  But you guys haven’t been of enormous help after I have pled on end for you to tell me what you want.  Yoga classes and a jacket?  That’s the best you can do?  When you were tots you were much more detailed about the stuff you wanted.  A Cabbage Patch doll (Paddy Patch, as you said, Ellen) and Sega, a GI Joe (or, as you said, Reid, ‘Gee-Jii Joe’) and whatever that ultra-spiffy doll was, Ellen (American Girl?).  Those I remember distinctly.  You guys never got up really early, in fact, if memory serves me correctly (which it may not) we had to roust you two out of bed to get things moving more often than not.  But once you were downstairs, it was shred-central.  So much for opening presents in a slow, even-handed manner.  Holy smokes, you were both destroyers of wrapping paper and boxes.  Don’t get me started on what went down every time we went to see Santa; Ellen, you forced your bro’ to break the ice with the old coot instead of playing the proper older sister and leading the way.

Scrawny, fake and short with cheap ornaments, what passes for the 2011 Christmas tree sits in the corner.

My tree hardly made it out of the box this weekend.  It is upright, naked of any trimmings.  The lights and stuff are sitting on the kitchen table.  Maybe I’ll get around to it tonight.  Felicia golfed with me one of the two weekend days and I tried to do a little shopping (see paragraph one) but couldn’t think of anything for either of you.  I just can’t shop.  I want to buy, and until the idea strikes me of what it is you might like, it serves no good purpose just to look.

Reid, yeah, you should bank on coming down for next Christmas.  With any luck we can head over toward the ocean for some R&R and maybe a little fishing.  We’ll take our sticks with us just in case the weather is uber-favorable.  EP, I wouldn’t think you and Tim will be in any situation to travel easily and besides, that’s the best Christmas of all when you want to be home and cozy.  That’s as it should be.  Maybe I can find a way up there for Thanksgiving again.  That was so much fun.

The Post Office has nearly gone bust and it announced a couple of days ago that they may slow first class mail, which means who knows when these letters might arrive.  I’ll keep putting first class stamps on the envelopes and getting second class service.  I’m thinking of upgrading to my own URL.  That could make things simpler.  Reid, you’re a whiz at this stuff.  Do you think it’s worth $100 a year for the privilege?

I saw where the Tea Party is losing some strength, and it’s high time.  They were just too negative and attack-dog like.  Just shows how fickle the populace is when we are communally wish-washy.  We can’t hold a position for more than 10 minutes.  There have to some middle-of-the-road politicians left who aren’t always beholden to special interests.  Maybe I’m in la-la land about that.  Maybe that would be my Christmas wish; for people to be civil again and look for the common good.  The employment news all across the Carolinas just continues to be depressing.  The people are beaten down.  There are a few signs of things picking up, but way too few.  It’s just taking a hell of a lot longer to overcome eight years of abject neglect and politicking.  I was watching some news show were a talking head blamed the current prez for the bailout when in fact it began when the prior administration sent out the big bailout checks.

But enough of that.  Time is a wastin’ so let me know what it is you want aside from Yoga and a jacket.  I can still get things there fast enough, but in a true chicken and the egg scenario, you must first tell me what you want.  Capiche?


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  1. A decent Holiday harangue, laddie. Hope you and Miss Felicia find time to quaff a Guiness or two, perhaps roast a partridge as well.
    To your health…

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