What about Reid?

Reid, sans beard. He heads to India next month. The kid is a digital whiz and a free spirit.

If you follow these weekly posts, you’d think it was all about Ellen and her faithful Golden Doodle, Henry.

But Ellen has a brother, too.  What about Reid?

He’s a good kid.  His man-bio reads ad agency up-and-comer in Chicago (to listen to him explain his digital agency world in even simple terms by his standards is to still have this knowledge sail over your head), scruffy beard, nice girlfriend, sneaky good photographer, biker (pedal variety) and an all-around guy with lots of interests.  He’s soon bound for a solo trip to India.  Just because he can.  Just to go.

I don’t hear directly from Reid very much.  He’s not like his sis who routinely sends along photos of Henry lounging around or otherwise looking faithful to she and her hubby Tim.  The temptation is to dismiss Reid’s lack of contact as a guy thing (as others have advised).  People have on occasion asked ‘when do we get to see Reid?’.  He granted me permission to dip into photos on his Facebook page.  Images from Reid’s world may become a regular feature on these pages.  (Note to Reid: post more photos.)

That he contacts his mom or me at his own discretion is hardly worth losing precious sleep over.  It was like this in college, like this after he graduated and first on his own, and like this now.  It was no big deal then and no big deal now.  That’s what makes him so interesting.  He’s not a momma’s or daddy’s boy, which makes his contact with us all that more pleasing.


January 2, 2012

Ellen/Reid: Since most of my banking is done online, I’ve yet to err by writing ‘2011’ on a check written in the new year, which I have done more than several times over the decades.  Some habits die hard.  My guess on how we all rang in the ‘rousing New Year’ is that yours was a 9 on the scale of 1-to10 Reid, while Ellen and I were more in the 6-ish category.  But that’s just an estimate.  10:45 p.m. came and I was in the sack for the night.   That’s how it goes for older men.  We went out and split a burger and had a few cocktails, than it was home for the bowl games until I persistently nodded off on the couch before ultimately being sternly instructed to go to bed.

Ellen, the CDs you and Tim concocted are unbelievable.  I told Tim to expand my horizons, and that he did.  If “Jolene, Jolene, don’t take my man just because you can” or “lots of good people have had a lot of bad news, how’s about you?” doesn’t rattle your timbers, than nothing will.  You guys went from “Neck Music” to Wilco.  Incredible.  Thanks so much for that.  It makes the trips in the car that much more enjoyable.  And it’s not every day you receive CDs slipped into a sandwich baggie.  That was a hoot and they did survive UPS, but now they are in much more protective wrapping.  You guys can cut CDs for me anytime.  Remember, I have a B-Day coming up.

The weather more than cooperated this past weekend, so I’ve had my fill of golf.  It was a mixed bag of results but it felt good to get out in the pleasant weather.  I like to play with friends down here and we had a great time.  A few birdies now and then with a few mindless doubles tossed in.  My granddaughter will learn the game.  Guaranteed.  That’s what grandpas are for.

Reid, what is this about a ticket already purchased to India?  Good show, old man.  That will be incredibly exciting.  I like that you have a little spirit of adventure about you.  Just be sure to get all your shots and don’t drink the local water.  I would put India on my bucket list.  You’ve been sparse on the details, so be sure to fill your old man in on the schedule and itinerary.  I think it has the makings of an incredible trip and I am so proud of your independence.  Why not go while you have all your faculties and a little cash jingling in your pocket.  Is it correct to assume that you could set up some Skype deal or Twitter account to keep us posted on your location and adventures?  You’d better drag that Nikon along and take plenty of good shots.  Can’t wait to hear about the pre-planning, let along the post-trip display of photos.

The new master bath gets a bit of an upgrade very soon.  Because I was incredibly short sighted (not to mention miserly) I erred mightily in not installing a hand-held shower to go with the big sunflower on the ceiling.  Now, it will cost me a tidy $1,500 extra just to have the hand-held installed.  The plumber has to drill through the travertine and break out some drywall to make the installation.  But it will make it a complete shower.  Reid, I’m almost, but not quite, resembling you in the long shower department.  I love that big sunflower on the ceiling but my water heater is a few gallons shy of a full load, if you know what I mean.  An on-demand water heater might be the next step.

Dave Hemminger is coming back down for golf in mid-February.  Jane gave it to him as a Christmas present.  She’s quite the wife.  Then he heads to Argentina for a few weeks (maybe a month or so) to check on hundreds of acres of cherry trees he’s planted down there.  He is the silent entrepreneur.  They are checking into colleges down here (Elon, etc.) for Will and Ellie and I’ve encourage Butler, too, but it doesn’t appear to be on the top half of the list.

Okay, guys, over and out.  Be good, have a great 2012.  Hope to see you both soon.  Reid, shoot me January dates so I can see you in Chi-town before you board the jet for the Far East.

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