Just stuff going on…

We’re on February’s doorstep and it’s going to be a pretty big month.  No real fireworks (knock on wood), just stuff going on.

Reid shoves off for India (he says he’s ready except he has yet to apply for his Visa. Dad and sister to son/brother: ‘kid, you better hurry’), my twin and me become eligible for Social Security (no checks yet, thanks), we head to Santa Fe, Dave comes down from Des Moines to golf at Pinehurst, and the group I’ll guide for another July backpacking trip into the Bridger Wilderness will get together to make plans and no doubt strategize their ‘anti-bear’ measures.   That’s plenty enough on the docket.  (If anyone wants to climb aboard that trek train to Wyoming, let me know.  The more the merrier.)

More than a couple of folks – including Ellen – inquired about last week’s snit.   It’s just that bad news for my friends put a face on largely impersonal economic numbers.  The situation was alluded to, but in no great detail.  The snit has been snuffed, overwhelmed by just stuff going on.


January 23, 2012

Ellen/Reid: Summer has its dog days and winter has what can only be described as its blahs.  That’s what we are in right now.  Overcast, damp, wet.  Awful.  It didn’t keep me from playing golf this weekend.  We got rained on hard at a course just over the border in South Carolina so we could only finish 9 holes and walked off like drowned rats, and yesterday was cold but still comfortable enough to walk a local muny.  There was one light moment when a foursome in the fairway signaled me to tee off, and I promptly snap-hooked my drive into the middle of them.  They scattered like so many bowling pins.  They fled for their lives.

Ellen, thanks for tipping me off to Tim’s 29th.  29.  Yowser.  I was completely daft on it but now it’s archived in my calendar.  It just does not seem possible.  And you’re next.  You’re gaining on it too, Reid.  So no sniveling on your part.  My 62nd is fast on the horizon.  No gifts, please, other than perhaps some music CDs.  Those are a real hit.  How many times have you heard that?

You guys had/have some nice trips.  We’re not ones to be left out.  We’re going to head to Santa Fe in February for a long weekend.  Felicia has never been to the high desert, and while it could be winterish out there it will still be good to get completely away.  Why we didn’t head toward a warmer clime is beyond me.  I just wasn’t thinking right.  We’ll drive into the desert west of Albuquerque and then up toward Taos.  I’m half tempted to take my fly rod for the streams north of town but my guess is the gear will stay here.  I wouldn’t know what to dunk in the water anyway (Tim, thoughts?) but that’s for another time.  Speaking of travels, Reid, make sure your mom and I have your complete India itinerary and maybe a contact phone/email so we can keep in touch if need be.  That is so exciting that Liz will join you for a portion of it.  Ellen, your photos of Cabo were incredible.  That looked so relaxing, and I noticed the temps were close to 0ºF while you were away.  All the better.  You didn’t want it to be 70ºF at home while you were away.

Steve Allen called this morning to say he put his 90 year old mother in hospice in Missouri over the weekend.  It won’t be long now, he says.  She had much of the same situation that affected your grandmother, so it is a blessing in many ways.  She has been slipping steadily for a couple of years – we know that song, don’t we? – and he will call when things are done.  His daughter Margaret spun her SUV on I-80 on an icy patch on the way to Des Moines and slammed into a guard rail.  $5,000 in damage but she was lucky a semi wasn’t on her tail.  No other cars were involved and she came out unhurt other than being rattled.

Some distressing news continues to pour out at work.  A couple of friends are on their way out, and that does not sit well with me.  They were top shelf workers and good people.  It’s just disheartening to see this happen to people that put their hearts and best efforts into it.   Their attitudes are good and they have oars in the waters and already they have feelers if not outright interviews set up.  That’s more than a lot of displaced workers can say.  Been there, done that.

I’m gonna skedaddle and get back to it so I won’t be among those numbers.  Reid, it’s too bad I couldn’t make it up there before you ditch the states for the Far East (is India the Far East) but there’s always March-April, and you know where we’ll be when the Springtime Baby arrives.


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  1. Bob

    Dave, Being one of those who contacted you about the “snit” regarding your friends losing their jobs…Thank you for adding this to your blog. I have been a avid reader of your blog since you started thinking about the book “Weight of A Single Page” and have felt that from time to time the world of your blog could grow. You are a very talented writer, thinker and I think your audience wants to grow with you. Ellen, Reid, Tim, Ralph and many others of us have the same thoughts as you do about parents, work, retirement, living life and I think it is time to expand and it will be to the benefit of all of us. I know that you doubt that you have this in you…but you do have it in you and it is a path to keep writing and thinking once the corporate dogs do you in and put you on the proverbial bench with only children, significant others, relatives, friends, golf, motorcycles, fishing, fitness, eating, drinking, puffing on the occasional stinky cigar, laughing, enjoying life…to think about and write about. I for one, am worrying most every day (as you obviously are as taken from your blog today “gotta get back to work”) about my job and you could be the voice of millions of us who are in the same boat or have experienced the end of a job that was valuable to us over many years and ended with little more than a grunt. Life gets more credit than what is being shown. Bob

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