Maybe there are not enough nuggets…

Seriously, there is renewed thought about another stab at a book manuscript related to the subject of this itinerant blog: letters.  This time I mean it.

Yeah, I know.  You’ve heard this all before.  The gulf between thinking and doing is enormous and oh-so very wide.  A bridge capable of spanning that gulf would be miles long.   A big chunk of me continues to believe to my depth that there is something there to be mined from the hundreds of single pages.  The tough part is knowing what nuggets to dig up that someone might find of interest.  Maybe there are not enough nuggets.

So until those points are answered or the light comes on, I’ll continue to trudge ahead until an elusive brainstorm occurs that would put me on a solid track.


Here is last week’s letter to the kids:


January 31, 2012

Ellen/Reid: I’m looking out my window this morning – while keeping an eye on my real work, of course – watching the birds dive bomb each other for eating rights at the window feeder.  At this very moment a great blue heron navigated its way through the stand of trees out back to land awkwardly in the little creek.  It must see fish I have never seen because believe me I’ve looked as I go down to retrieve trash off the banks and in the water.  My BB gun has only managed to irritate the marauding squirrels because they circle back for more food as soon as I retreat to the office.

A good review is keeping my job safe at least for a little while longer – or until my next bad week, whichever comes first – so that is a smidgeon of good news for the week.  I’m happy enough for that.  I like what I do.  I head to the doc’s later this week and hopefully the good news trend will continue.  That would be great heading into the weekend.

The idea of a book is gaining steam but it would be good to get your two sets of thoughts on it.  While we’re in the air to New Mexico I’ll trot out my leather binder and scribble away at notes.  It will be a wholesale revision to what you saw before, more anecdotal, although there would still be some common themes.  Not sure how to weave in any comments from you (or even if you want to do so) but there will be room set aside for you both.  In a backhanded way, Bob Furstenau is encouraging me to continue down the creative path, both with the book project and the blog (he has some suggestions for it which are sorely needed, and I’ve also joined a local group of blogging techies in the hopes of glomming onto some ideas from that crew).  We’ll see.

Stuck some passenger floorboards on the Softail this past weekend.  Should make it that much more comfortable for Felicia.  She just didn’t have enough foot positions on the pegs.  But I swear (and I did, profusely) that Harley provides, without question, the worst product instructions of all time of any industry.  NASA satellites could take clearer pictures from space than what is provided on the faux instruction sheets.  Gobbledygook would be an upgrade from whoever writes their stuff.  The instructions are just God-awful bad.  Plus the machining of some parts was just a tad off, and that means nearly having to force parts together.  What a nightmare.  And it’s not just this instance but virtually anything I’ve ever done with Harley.  I’m not that much of a total mechanical doofus but holy smokes, schematics for nuclear plants are easier to comprehend.

Folks who are contemplating going into the Bridger Wilderness in late July will meet this weekend to talk about the details.  Looks like the last full week of the month.  The thinking now is to make it a significantly hardier jaunt.  We would in essence do “The Loop.”  Reid, you and I did it back in ’06 and Tim and Tom went a big chunk of the way on their one day trip this past summer.  My guess is it’s about 25 miles all tolled.  Ellen, we’ll push it the first day to make at least the campsite where there was a steep drop to the river and we cooked on the rocks for two days.  That will be a good shakedown cruise.  Not that we would have gone the Loop last year, but we would’ve run smack into the territory where the grizzly sow and her cubs were seen.  No doubt we’ll talk about how to fend off bears – my guess is we’ll ship anti-bear pepper spray to the motel – and leave it at that.  My guess is we’ll have 6-8 people sign up.  Even if it’s just 3-4 of us that’s close enough.  Maybe I’ll still be around to take my granddaughter up there.  What a swan song that would be.

Okay, enough of this drivel.  Reid, get me your India plans and itinerary.  Hopefully your Visa is in hand by now.  Ellen, send pictures of the bathroom demolition and of your designer plans.  We put in a hand-held Grohe shower this past week.  It’s a nice upgrade to a shower that was already nice.

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