Dad to daughter…

With Reid overseas and incommunicado for another week or so and his sister at home as her pregnancy enters its later stages, this was the first time in a few years that a weekly letter was addressed to only one of the kids. The letter went to Ellen.

It was a hodgepodge of small items, nothing earthshaking, nothing really new.  Ellen has her hands full these days with work and expectant motherhood.  So this week it was just a dad staying in touch.


The letter to Ellen:

February 21, 2012

Ellen: Since Reid is on his little sojourn for the next couple of weeks we’ll keep him off the salutation line until he returns.  It was fun to see his odd little video in the cab last night on YouTube.  I wish he would’ve narrated it a little bit.  I don’t fully comprehend how he posted that there but I hope he keeps that up.  He mentioned something just after he cleared security last Friday night that he would also post to Google Plus but I don’t get that either.  It would be fun to follow his exploits while over there.  It’s strictly coincidental but last Friday night Bob Furstenau was on his way to see Tori in Ghana.  He texted me a few times on Saturday and he seems to be having fun, too.

I wonder what Reid’s doing over there, what he’s eating, what he’s seeing and how he feels about all of it.  It has to be quite an experience and will really broaden his horizons.  Liz would be a good sidekick for at least a week, and then he’s on his own.  It would be interesting to get out in the Indian countryside to see how the real world lives.  We can only hope he takes lots of photos.  For some reason I thought he was up in Mumbai but he’s not even close.  He’s more toward the interior and much further south.  He could always take train, one would suppose, to get up there.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s the check for the rocking chair.  Mamas and babies gotta have a good rocking chair.  It should arrive before the arrival, one would think.  Geez, you’re not that far away.  About 9 weeks by my reckoning if she pops out on time and not too early.  The weather up North has really been pretty gentle and that has to make this a little easier.  There was an article in the paper just this weekend that the U.S. growth rate has slowed to its lowest point since the Great Depression.  You guys are bucking the trend.  I had to go to the hospital Friday for a brief test, but saw several mothers with new ones sitting in wheelchairs waiting for their hubbies to pick them up.  People have babies, pure and simple.

Dave Hemminger and I were over in the Pinehurst area this weekend for golf, and weather wise, it was the most miserable experience in golf I’ve ever had by a long, long shot.  Sunday it was in the upper 30s, hard wind, and rain.  It was just the sort of raw that slices all the way through you.  We persevered but honestly, I wore every stitch of clothing I had with me, and would’ve bundled up more if I had more apparel.  It was tortuous to say the least.  The clubhouse had a fireplace surrounded by sofas and we took a looonnnggg time at the turn to decide if we were going to go back out.  Heartened by a couple of cups of decaf, out we went but it just got colder as the afternoon went along.  I was never so glad to be done with a round of golf in my life.  We played Monday, too, in bright sunshine but my game was still in the freezer.  Sometimes I just don’t enjoy golf very much.  But it was good to see Dave.  We had a great time, the golf aside.  He’s on his way down to Florida today to talk with contractors about installing a new pool at their second home.  Then he comes back up in a couple of weeks to take Will to Elon for a visit.  If memory serves me, didn’t Elon register briefly with you when you were searching for schools?

Mike Hill sent me a belated birthday note yesterday and added that he was headed to London last night to edit his next film for Ron Howard.  I’m not even sure what it’s about.  They’re supposed to do a series based on Stephen King novels.  As he pulled my chain about my birthday, I reminded him he’s still got a year on me and that it could come back at some point to bite him hard.  I don’t know how much longer he’ll go on editing films but I’m sure he’s looking at the finish line.

Okay, gotta run.  Duty calls.  I am in agreement with your ‘managed visits’ process once she arrives.  I’ll defer to your wishes and judgment about when you want me up to see my new granddaughter.


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