Two weeks of experiential sightseeing…

After a few weeks of Ellen-only letters, Reid has been added again to the salutation line.  Welcome back, kid.

As was noted here previously, he jetted off to India (the Bangalore area, mostly) for two weeks of experiential sightseeing, aka just plain enlightenment.  He relayed much in a 45 minute phone call but has been slack on sharing images (I wanted to post some of shots here) although the blame could just as well lie with me as Reid simply doesn’t email photos to tech-dunces like me.  Instead he posts pictures and I’m supposed to find them.  Do they make an app for that?

But I’m glad the boy is back on home turf.  Always good to know they got there and back.

Here is last week’s letter to my dynamic duo.


March 5, 2012

Ellen/Reid: We’re all glad you got back safe and sound, Reid, and the trip sounds beyond incredible.  Can’t wait to see the photos, and it’s cool you took the vintage Nikkormat with you for the trip.  Good for you to have the nerve to go.  A lot of us, me included, wouldn’t have the nards to make such a journey, especially going solo the second half.  I’m glad Liz was there for the first week.  Glad, too, that you could hook up several times with your friend in Bangalore.  Nice to have a local host who could show you around.  Your reflection last night about the pollution, the people and your overall impressions was nice to hear.  It can do nothing but broaden you wider horizons to have gone over there at all.  I’m serious about something to Vietnam or Thailand.  That would be a real gas.  I’m open to any and all suggestions.

Man, Ellen, you’re entering the home stretch.  Sorry about the insensitive nature of the weight question.  Felicia sided with you and kind of harped on me about it, too.   It’s just that you look so good in your photos.  You’ve taken good care of yourself and your baby.  Leave it to a dad to trip over himself.  I’m sorry.  Let’s hope the rocking chair arrives ahead of time so you can take it for a test rock.

The weather is really looking chipper around here.  The trees are beginning to leaf out and the daffodils and tulips are long gone.  The winter here, as was yours, was unseasonable in its warmth.  We’ve had a few raw days lately, but nothing that can’t be overcome.  We’ve only got another week of the so-called bad weather forecast on February 2 by that loathsome rodent in Pennsylvania.  I was a little behind the 8-ball on planting so on the 28th I stuck some romaine and other lettuces in the pot on the front porch.  The seeds have already sprouted.  If we have a nice growing season we will be eating lettuce for weeks.  Given the new Atkins diet (no carbs) that Felicia has foisted on me, that will be a harvest worth having.  I erred in not planting spinach so that will go into the ground this week.  I’m down about seven pounds as of this writing and seem to have gotten over the ice cream and bread urgings.  My only concession is an apple a day.  A man has to eat some fruit.

Also noted this morning is that nutcase Rush Limbaugh has lost some advertisers.  The guy is a total moron.  And now his defenders simply call him an “entertainer.”  I’ll stick up for his constitutional right to speak his mind all day long, but that doesn’t make him right.  Here’s a guy who was hooked on Oxycontin, plays fast and loose with the facts, and has the unmitigated gall to call someone else out.  All he has is a nice voice.  That’s it.  He’s taking the Republicans with him, which isn’t all bad.  Illogical for a man to talk about women’s reproductive rights.

I played what could be one of my final rounds of golf yesterday with my friend Tom.  He’s about to leave Charlotte for a big association job in Washington, D.C.  It’s hard for him to leave Charlotte but he’ll like D.C. soon enough.  My golf was miserable, and the progress in keeping my swing short and compact has all but evaporated.  The Charles Barkley stop-start-and-lunge swing is back with a vengeance worse than before.  Makes me sick.  I need a sports shrink.  But the weather will be nice enough for riding soon enough, so Felicia and I will get back to cruising so that will take up some of the non-golf slack.

Otherwise, not much else is going on.  Same old, same old.  Work is what it is.  But as May 1 draws nearer, I’ll get plenty more excited.  Love you both.


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