Saying enough too often

Last week was the second week running that no letter was stamped and mailed.  This is the first two week stretch of no notes in at least a half decade.  After 11 years, I am rethinking my approach.

Not that there’s not enough to say; indeed there’s no dearth of enough material.   It is perhaps, however, that I say enough too often.

I admit this partially in view of my eye-opening trip to Chicago to see Reid, and the impending birth of Ellen’s baby.  They have an enormous amount going on in their lives, and I am wholly uncertain if the notes have the same impact as even 3-4-5 years ago.  Their lives are picking up speed and things are likely not as they were before in terms of the need for information.  Are the pages viewed as just another piece of mail?  We may soon find out.  So far there has been no hue and cry over the missing envelopes.

But there will be a letter today.  I’ll post it next week.



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5 responses to “Saying enough too often

  1. Got this quote from WordPress when I published a post today and thought of you: “To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.”
    — Phyllis Theroux

  2. Oops, the quote is from Phyllis Theroux. The comment was from me — Andrea Powell, HPCCR

  3. Norm

    Don’t stop writing the letters. It’s a great idea and ought to make a great book someday.

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