Waiting for “the call”

Sometime this week, “the call” will be made and I’ll hop a plane to St. Paul to meet my granddaughter.  She apparently is in no particular rush to meet her new world.  My prediction as to the day she would arrive was April 24.  Her grandfather is short on predictive powers.

Footnote to last week: The Swallowtail caterpillar must’ve made a dandy meal for some predator.  He/she is nowhere to be seen.


Here is last week’s letter – the first in the past 7-8 years to be emailed since my *&#$%@ printer ran out of ink.


April 24, 2012

Ellen/Reid: I can hardly stand all this waiting.  She will come when she’s good and ready, and not before.  So much for the passed-along family trait of early children as exhibited by the kind-of-early entry of both of you rascals.  A load of wash will have to go through this night so as to be ready to pack.  The bag isn’t out yet but I know where it is and it can be packed in a flash.  This is just so exciting.  Just think if it was triplets or quadruplets or something more than that.  You could syndicate a TV reality show and get free diapers and formula.  Unfortunately, it’s when those stop that the real expenses begin.  And yes, Ellen, the third installment of the Hunger Games comes with me.  Reid, you’re gonna be known as “Unca’ Reid.”  Better get used to it.

Cold and blustery down here the last couple of days.  Not very hospitable for the tomato plant but the lettuce must love it.  The herbs want it warmer too but the temps are forecast to be in the 70s and 80s later in the week so they will just have to deal with it.  The lettuce harvest is in full swing and the salads are scrumptious.  I’ve concocted a homemade vinaigrette dressing of olive oil, garlic, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce which is pretty good.  Since potatoes are on the banned list of high-carb foods, lettuce is filling the bill although not quite filling me up.

In another bit of good gardening news, some volunteer parsley sprang up of its own volition on the south side of the porch in the pine straw.  Must have been random seeds from the plants yanked out in the fall once they died away.  It offers me a measure of redemption because last year I summarily executed a horde of caterpillars found munching on the parsley.  Only after the extermination did I see, to my discomfort, that I had offed what would become beautiful Swallowtail butterflies.  I’ve often rued the massacre but now there is a chance to atone.  A single Swallowtail caterpillar is now on one of the plants, eating his/her way through the leafs.  He/she will stay undisturbed where he/she is and I will pamper the plants with daily watering and regular fertilizing so as to be in peak condition when the real swarm of Swallowtail larvae arrives this summer.  I’m not altogether sure how the singular worm got here (was he/she a surviving egg from the discarded plants?).  I’ll take photos of the cocoons as the worms fashion their metamorphosis cages.

I’ve also been watching with interest the blue birds fight off nest-robbing chickadees and Carolina wrens hell-bent on taking over the nesting box.  The male blue bird ain’t gonna let that happen.  He zooms in at the first hint that other birds are threatening the box.  Kind of fun to watch.  The blue birds must have fledglings because they cart food to the box as often as they catch something.

Reid, you are on the right track in looking at other options within Razorfish.  The firm seems to be on pretty solid footing.  Just keep your chin up and attitude good and you’ll come out just fine.  People do ask what you do and I still struggle to adequately explain it.

No real change with Felicia’s son.  He’s still with her, and if he remains clean for the next 10 days or so he can return to the recovery house in Asheville that he bolted from a few weeks ago.  It’s strain on her to be sure.  I’m thankful you guys are like you are.  Things could always be worse.

I’m emailing this today because my printer is on the fritz.  Actually, it’s out of ink so it’s the owner that is on the fritz.

I’ll see you all in a matter of days.  What a combo: a welcoming party and reunion wrapped up in one cute little bundle.



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4 responses to “Waiting for “the call”

  1. mort

    Be sure to keep us posted Grandad. All the best to you and the growing family.

  2. Bob

    All i can say Dave is that you better take some photos and flood your blog with Ellen’s baby so I can send it to Adrienne and Victoria. Can’t wait. Bob

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