No letter but plenty of Emma…

Traveling to Minnesota for Thanksgiving meant ‘plenty’ of several items: plenty of turkey, Emma, and Ellen and Reid.  No letter was sent last week but there will be lots to write about this morning.

Reid and his niece Emma got along famously over the T-Day weekend. Reid will be a good dad someday – plus, he’ll learn how to willingly change a diaper.

My pumpkin pie may not be state fair quality, but pile on enough whipped cream and anything tastes good. Same for the apple pie – which son-in-law Tim said was the best he’s ever eaten. Good answer, kid.

It wouldn’t be a holiday weekend in Minnesota without a sudden drop in temperatures, an accompanying quick rise in the wind and a dusting of snow. It reminded me about the advantages of North Carolina.


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2 responses to “No letter but plenty of Emma…

  1. Bob Furstenau

    Happy Holidays…Dave. Emma an Reid are a good pair. No photos of Tim and Ellen? Awesome looking pie.

  2. mort

    Great post Dave. Love the pics. Emma’s beautiful.

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