Settlers of Catan…

November 26, 2012

Ellen/Reid: It’s depressing to know that what you’ve looked forward to for so long has already come and gone.  It was great being with you all in St. Paul.  I wish we could stretch things out a little more so we could squeeze a few more outings and games of Settlers of Catan in there.  There is no reason to believe that my abilities at ‘Settlers’ will improve substantially enough between now and next year for me to be a real factor other than someone who merely takes up valuable space on the game board.  By then Emma will know more than I do.  I would propose Hilton Head next Thanksgiving if that sounds palatable to you all.

Thanks for liking the Thanksgiving meal.  It just solidifies my belief that people will devour anything, and enjoy it, if they are hungry enough.  It also shows that with a can of chicken broth and plenty of flour, you can make enough gravy to satiate an army.  Same with the dressing.

Tim sent this magazine-quality photo of the last surviving piece of pumpkin pie before he de-survived it.

Tim sent this magazine-quality photo of the last surviving piece of apple pie before he un-survived it.

The more, the better.  Ellen, tell Tim his text about the apple pie made my day, although I threatened to let his mother and grandmothers know of his treasonous thoughts.  They might have another set of opinions and perhaps would deal with him a little more harshly.  It’s fun to cook for the crew while you guys are playing Settlers or just hanging out.  That’s what grandfather’s do; cook and stay out of the way.

Emma is certainly the happiest little baby I have ever seen.  She just lights up all day, every day.  That’s a testament to how you and Tim are bringing her along, Ellen.  Just a happy little soul.  Your daily routine reminds me of such times with you two little yo-yos.  But on the whole you two were pretty good kids, too.  That, or I’ve forgotten how cantankerous you two were.

Reid, it is good we are heading to Oak Island for a couple of days around Christmas.  Where we are staying won’t be much to write home or text about, but the water is only as far from your front porch to the nearest corner on Huron Street.  That is the total allure of it.  A pier is maybe 50 yards away, and the town center and the restaurants aren’t that far off, either.  It’s too bad I have to do some paltry work on Monday or otherwise we’d be there for two nights.  Fishing sounds like some fun but no plans have been made as of this writing.

Okay, another stab at pumpkin and apple pies will have to wait for another year.  We hope to have another turkey soon, and that will give me a chance to work the lumps out of the pan gravy.



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2 responses to “Settlers of Catan…

  1. mort

    Pretty nice “GOURMET” shot of the pie, Dave. I see you’re slicing the “pumpkin”… unusual, but tasty, I’m sure.

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