The S.S. Minnow…

December 17, 2012

Ellen/Reid: Reid, I don’t know as if you’ll have a chance to receive this let alone read it before you fly out for Charlotte, but we’ll keep the string intact.

By now it is hoped you will have figured out where

We did fish and Reid did catch fish.  Not as many as the better times of year, but enough.

We did fish and Reid did catch fish. Not as many as the better times of year, but enough.

to take Tim and Liz, respectively, for the nice dinners.  Ellen, if there’s anything left over you might buy Emma some sort of designer baby food.  Not that there is anything wrong with strained-diluted-tasteless peas and such, but maybe there is something else on the market at Whole (“Paycheck”) Foods.  I’m not up to speed these days on baby food.  Reid, you can spring for a little pricier meal since, as of this writing, you have no babysitter responsibilities.  Let me know when that changes.

I have done the old switcheroo on my home office, moving it from one bedroom to another.  The reason is my Internet connection as placed by AT&T and phone hook up for my bank work which relies on the Internet connection were in the adjacent BR and I finally got tired of the phone sitting an arm’s reach away just inside the door.  That, and I wanted the bedroom with your old bed, Reid, to be ready when you got down here this weekend.  It’s not quite ship-shape as there is a lot of dusting, cleaning and tidying up to do before you arrive.

Captain Chuck finally called from Oak Island, and we are booked for a five hour cruise to see if we can catch anything besides, as you say Reid, a ‘cold’.  Wasn’t the S.S. Minnow on a five hour cruise, too?  If you don’t remember the S.S. Minnow, then you are way too young.  Cap’n Chuck asked what we might be interested in fishing for, and I said ‘anything that bites’.  Really, it would be wonderful to bring a few pounds of fish home to Charlotte and then on to Chicago (which we could pack in dry ice and ship Reid, should we be so lucky).  We board the Get Reelin’ about 8 a.m. on Sunday morning and take a hike out to some reef by a lighthouse.  I hope they don’t say the standard ‘you should have been here last week’.  I’d still like to try fishing from the pier on Saturday if we arrive early enough.

Well, you have all the gifts you’re gonna get, and to the credit of both of you, nothing has appeared on my doorstep.  So thanks for the forbearance.  On second thought, I could use a little help cleaning your just-recreated guest room, Reid.


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