…a deer had been hit…

No letter was sent to the kids last week.  This letter appeared about this time in their mailboxes in December, 2006.

December 18, 2006

‘Cakes/Reid: Well, it happened again. I know most shopping carts look alike but yeesh, for the second time in nearly as many trips, someone took off with my loaded cart at the local Harris Teeter grocery store where I shop.  My back wasn’t turned for a moment to price the yogurt and cheese, and off it goes.  I can’t figure out what someone wants from a cart loaded to the gills with cereal and apples and lettuce, but for crying out loud don’t you recognize that the stuff wasn’t yours?  I had to get another cart and start all over.  Particularly upsetting was all my coupons were in the stolen cart.  Not only did they take my stuff, it cost me money.  It’s never happened to me anywhere but here.

Well, Reid, by the time you get this you should be back on U.S. soil.  How’s it feel to be home?  I can’t wait to get you down here so I can hear all about it.  But for now rest up, see your boys and your sister, and just relax.  Have you paid attention to Butler’s basketball team?  Man, they are rolling.  Top 20, baby!  I watched ‘em crunch Indiana and pull one out vs. Purdue this weekend.

But the local NFL team, the Carolina Panthers, have been getting steamrolled, and the locals don’t like it.  The newspaper has just been ripping them.  I mean it’s tough to read.  The team is shown no mercy.  Of course I have no vested interest in them one way or the other and wouldn’t go to a game if you paid me so I don’t have the same emotional baggage as most folks do.  When the average ticket price is $95, it’s hard to feel bad for those guys.  Pittsburgh came to town yesterday and literally smashed the Panther noses into the dirt.

EB, hope Chicago was fun.  No doubt it was.  I really think Jeff ought to come down here and scope out Charlotte if he’s not finding anything in the Windy City.  It’d be worth the trip.  I haven’t talked to him in a long while.

It’s been hard to get in the Christmas spirit.  No decorations, no presents, no anything.  I think I’ll head out tonight to buy a fake tree and some trimmings so it has a little bit of a holiday flavor by the time grandma and grandpa hit town this weekend.  Gotta figure out what to have for Christmas dinner.  Maybe a beef tenderloin or something.  They’re meat and potatoes eaters as you know.

Played golf yesterday, poorly.  Since I’m playing just every couple of weeks, there is no semblance of rhythm or game.  But the one thing that is so cool is that it was 70F yesterday, with a light breeze.  Granted, that is only marginally unusual around here.  And it’s supposed to be warmer today.  Bought some new Ping irons last week, and didn’t hit a lot of crisp shots yesterday.  It’s not the clubs fault, it’s the swinger.

Did my good deed for the day in a sad incident last weekend.  There are a lot of woods around my place – the whole city is a forest – and as soon as I turned left out of my place Saturday night, I could see a deer had been hit.  But it was still moving around.  So I pulled over in the center turning lane, put on my flashers and got a towel from the trunk, thinking I could pull the poor little thing off the road.  But it knew I was there and started thrashing a bit which made it hard to grab its legs to pull it aside.  You could tell it wasn’t going anywhere, what with the little bit of blood and everything.  Cars were zipping around me.  It looked so scared.  So the best I could do was to start to pet it to try and calm it down.  So for about 5-10 minutes it was just the deer and I and the zippy cars going by.  Finally, a police car came by, and then a moment later an animal control vehicle.  You knew what was going to happen next.  The police had been called by whoever hit it – they kept on going – and that was likely the end of my new little friend.  But it made me feel good I’d been able to give it a little comfort in its last moments.  Maybe that’s my Christmas story.


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