Beer as water and traveler’s revenge…

January 2, 2013

Ellen/Reid: Well, we’ve turned a calendar page so let’s hope we can turn a new leaf, too, on a number of issues.  Too many to mention down here but it would run the gamut from weight to reading more to being more organized.  Same as last year, really.  We see how far that got me.

For some reason, true Southerners think it’s good luck to cook collard greens (with a little bacon fat mixed in) and black eyed peas on New Year’s Day.  It would be like cooking iceberg lettuce, and in a culinary sense I’m not sure what that gains you.  But that’s what they do and who am I to argue.  It’s the first I’ve heard of it.  Felicia cooked up a mess of this for herself, and several folks posted this regional custom on their Facebook pages.  For moi, a burger and fries would suffice.  Actually, I whipped up some chicken soup, the dregs of which were finished at noon today.  The eggplant calzone you created looked dee-vine, Ellen, and I wish some of that had been on my table.  Your ‘helpers’ (Emma and Henry) on the floor looked like they were meddling rather than helping.  Glad you already cracked open the cookbook and made good use of it.  I accused your brother today of non-culinary adventurism when he rejected the idea of me shipping him some shark meat from our recent fishing expedition.  He denied it.  Let me know if you want some shark filets.

Speaking of fishing, it was fun although ultimately I wish we’d caught more species aside from edible sharks and black bass.  Reid, the next time we go down we ought to try the Charleston area or further down the coast in Georgia, according to Felicia.  She’s caught some 20+ pound redfish in the backwaters.  I’m with you on the catch and release approach, although one fish to bring home is plenty.

Reid wakes up with early morning joe on our deck in Oak Island.  An hour later, we were on the water.

Reid wakes up with early morning hotel-quality joe on our deck at Oak Island. An hour later, we were on the water.

That’s been our Wyoming approach, and it works in salt water as well.  The reason they didn’t let us keep the black bass was because they’ve been woefully overfished, and it’s not like we caught any lunkers anyway.  But at least we reeled in something although we might choose a different boat on the off-chance we return to Oak Island.  We ought to think about next fall, and bring Tim down to show us how it’s done.

This time next week I’ll be in Costa Rica with Dave H., Dave D. and Bob F. (aka the 3 D’s and an F).  We leave Thursday and get back on Monday.  This whole gig is courtesy of Jane (and Dave), who in her prior life must’ve been some sort of high-end tour arranger.  She just goes all out.  I’m not sure how she manages to one-up herself each time.  I’ve been surfing the web for info about Playa Conchal, which is on the Pacific side.  Seems you can do just about anything from zip-lining over the rainforest (which we’ll do) to golfing (which we’ll do, although my clubs will stay here since I’d be tempted to toss them into the briny sea) to fishing to hanging out.  I’ve tried to not get overly excited about it.  We all meet up at the Atlanta airport for the flight down to Liberia.  Costa Rica claims that the local water systems are pretty good but in the next paragraph they warn about the inevitable cases of “traveler’s revenge” and none of it sounds appetizing.  Beer might be the best way to ingest a daily regimen of water.  Dave H. has spent months and months in South America, so he will likely be our go-to resource.  We’ll have a conference call this weekend to hash out all the details.

The holiday week at work was relaxing.  Hardly any emails, no real fires to put out.  So that was good.  The Christmas tree and lights were stowed away while I watched the endless bowl games, so aside from the card with Emma which is proudly on the mantel, there are no other vestiges of the holiday.  It was good to have all that up while it lasted.  Now it’s on to Costa Rica, and maybe we’ll have some other items to display upon my return (as long as traveler’s revenge stays there).


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  1. mort

    Bon voyage, Dave. Sounds like fun… a great way to start the year.

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