Find someone you can confide and trust in…

January 7, 2013

Ellen/Reid: It’s not until you go to clear out closets that you truly know how much of your stuff is stodgy, passé, embarrassing to have been worn at all and should simply be put out to pasture (aka, given to Goodwill).  I’ve been trying to clear out available closet space for Felicia, and even by my low standards, much of my garb was awful by any measure.  One thing that the total lack of a sense of style does is make the decision making easy when you think “bletch, this was just a fashion travesty.”  I stumbled upon some more sorry items in the garage this morning.  Those will go, too.

My packing is just about done for Costa Rica.  The highs will be in the low 90s.  Pretty darn nice, don’t you think?  We are all worried about a relatively tight connection in Atlanta (the guys from Des Moines have only about 40 minutes) and Bob F. is on a bum knee right now so there’s no way he can really hustle.

Our worries about missing our connected to Liberia, Costa Rica were unfounded.  Bob (foreground) made it aboard with his bum knee, and Dave H. (aka D1) in the background found their seats just fine.  Many more pics from Costa Rica next week.

Our worries about missing our connected to Liberia, Costa Rica were unfounded. Bob (foreground) made it aboard with his bum knee, and Dave H. (aka D1) in the aisle found their seats just fine. Many more pics from Costa Rica next week.

Jane reserved a wheelchair or motorized vehicle to whisk him to his gate.  I don’t fare much better; about 45 minutes assuming my plane gets there on time.  Nothing we haven’t done numerous times before – run to the gate.  The law of airline travel will probably apply: your departure gate is as far as possible from the arrival gate.  It would be like landing at the far end of the B concourse at O’Hare and sprinting to C1.  Just my luck.

The Observer this morning ran a story of how the Republican dominated legislature here will in all likelihood roll back environmental standards (in the name of job creation) and speeding up fracking for natural gas even though the frackable gas fields in North Carolina are pitifully small.  Before long, the fish we catch here will have 3 eyes and two tails.  I don’t know.  I don’t mind a middle ground on business taxes and inducements, but what the hell is it about the environment?  We already have lakes and streams where you’re warned not to consume what you catch.  That’s kind of where I draw the line.  The GOP just doesn’t seem to give much of a damn about that stuff.  They pound on public education, gays, and other proclaimed abominations against Southern life.  They’ll be pleased that gun sales are sharply up here.  The Wild West is going to move East in a hurry.

Reid, keep me posted on how professional life goes.  It’s quite a forest to navigate/wrestle with and your mom and I will help you in any way we can.  I do believe in lots of things on that list, but from experience it’s best to take things one manageable step at a time.  It might not be a bad thing to latch onto a mentor.  My friend Don in California was as close to one as I’ve had but for one reason or another that end of it was never pushed and I wish that had been formalized a bit more.  Find someone you can trust and confide in.  I wish I knew someone to recommend in the Chicago area.  That is worth pursing.

That Fitbit thing is really going to be cool.  It was a great gift, so thank you both for it.  I am pumped about it.  Hopefully, Reid, the download thing is figured out and if it’s not I will keep trying.  It is nice how they also advise you on diet and other activities.  Like anything else it probably boils down to force of habit and sheer motivation.  I have both in small quantities but we’ll see if there is a lasting impact.  I bought some new Asics running shoes last night and we’ll see how they work for walking.  I haven’t owned that brand since before I stopped running marathons back in the day.  If we join the ‘Y’ they’ll be worn there, too.  Cardio will be a big deal since the plan is to return to the southern end of the Bridger Wilderness in early July.

Enough of this blather.  I have to go put on my new walking shoes and walking garb, by which all rights, should have gone to Goodwill too.  My lack of style would extend to exercise, it would seem.


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  1. mort

    Looking forward to the Costa Rica pix, Dave.

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