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A roomie and going berserk over some snow…

February 18, 2013

Ellen/Reid: Wow, what a weekend.  Naturally, Emma calls the shots of when to do what and how long we take to do it, but that’s just the scheme of things.  That’s what babies do.  She is a dear little one; so quick to smile, so vocal and good natured.  And she works her gramps like a bass drum.  She squawked and I came running.  Yeah, by the time Reid and I return, she’ll be walking up a storm and changing your family dynamics that much more, Ellen.  It is truly amazing how fast they change. Continue reading


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Playing catch up…not one, not two but three

I’m playing catch up.  Here is a string of several recent letters to Ellen and Reid.  This is a lot to digest in one sitting, so read a bit, grab a bite to eat, then come back.

After a few weeks hiatus, I thought some brilliant idea to elevate my blog from its floor level dwelling would reveal itself to me but, alas, it remains hidden.  I’ll keep looking for it.  Unsolicited suggestions are welcome.


January 15, 2013

Ellen/Reid: We know this about Costa Rica.  It is 1) hot, but good hot, 2) sunny, especially when you comment when a cloud is actually seen, and 3) 100 colones (about 20¢ U.S.), won’t buy you a cup of coffee much less a sip.

We had an extraordinary time.  We were on the dry side of the country which was a toasty shade of golden brown now that the ‘wet’ season has come and gone.  On the way down I was thinking jungle but think the rolling grassy hills and countryside of California about San Jose.  The Westin was about an hour’s drive from Liberia.

Tres amigos (Bob, Dave Hemminger and Dave Dahlquist) reassemble on the beach in Costa Rica.

Tres amigos – Bob Furstenau, Dave Hemminger (D1) and Dave Dahlquist (D2) – reassemble on the beach in Costa Rica.

It is always of interest to traipse through the towns to see how the people live, and in some cases not very well although according Continue reading


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