A roomie and going berserk over some snow…

February 18, 2013

Ellen/Reid: Wow, what a weekend.  Naturally, Emma calls the shots of when to do what and how long we take to do it, but that’s just the scheme of things.  That’s what babies do.  She is a dear little one; so quick to smile, so vocal and good natured.  And she works her gramps like a bass drum.  She squawked and I came running.  Yeah, by the time Reid and I return, she’ll be walking up a storm and changing your family dynamics that much more, Ellen.  It is truly amazing how fast they change.

Reid, it was fun to see Liz again, and her parents.  They are very pleasant to be around.  Low key, nice folks.  They seem to like you, too.  By the time you receive this, the jarring ride-adventure with the U-Haul will be all done and the couch and other things will be in their rightful place.  I am glad I’m not the one who has to lug that up three floors around tight corners.  But from the looks of your photos it seems quite the place.  Finally, you will have room for everything and have enough space for each of you when you want it.

My new rookie - and best friend.

My new roomie – and best friend.

On that score, Felicia’s first official night as my roomie was last night.  She still has clothing and boxes and such back in her old place but she is insistent that she won’t let me move it, which is what I had planned to do this morning since we have the day off.  She borrowed her dad’s massive truck to tote her king bed over to a friend’s house.  A king wouldn’t be bad in our pad but the furniture wouldn’t accommodate it.  We’d have to get a matching bed frame, etc.  Instead she’ll have to settle for sleeping a little closer to me than she might otherwise like but that’s the breaks.  She gets the rest of the bedroom furniture for her things, as I’ve relocated to the closet space in the guest bedroom.  So instead of moving her today, I’ll play golf in about 90 minutes.  The money we’ll ostensibly save on other bedroom furniture will be plowed into finishing off the ground level floor.

Hey, what's a little snow on the course if your cart has radials to handle the slush? Charlotte gets too jumpy at the mention of a few flakes.

Hey, what’s a little snow on the course if your cart has radials to handle the slush? Charlotte gets too jumpy at the mention of a few flakes.

Charlotte went berserk over a couple of inches of snow, which is mostly gone now or will be by the end of the day in the bright sunshine and as the temps creep up on the upper 50s or 60F.  Last night it made it hard to get up my short but steep driveway and I had to make a couple of passes to get up the thing.  I spread a bit of salt this morning so Felicia wouldn’t slip as she went out to the truck.  That’s the one thing about living down here is that temperatures will moderate a lot more a lot faster than your’s will.  On the flip side, our temps will get a heck of a lot hotter much faster and for a much longer period than up North.

We watched the resident hawk out back for a little while this morning as we had coffee.  It is content to sit on a limb not too many yards from our back window, no doubt hoping to ambush some hapless prey such as bird or tree rat (aka squirrel).  It can take all the squirrels it wants as long as it leaves the birds alone.  Ellen, I do think your backyard has some nice potential for a larger garden.  I’d even think about a raised bed although that is a lot of work.  As long as you put some sort of border around it to keep the bunnies at bay you should do fine.  With your diet turning more organic, you should be able to grow bumper crops of whatever you choose in the fine black dirt that you have.  You might try square foot gardening (which we did on South Shore.  Basically you plant lettuce or spinach not in rows, but in 3” spaces inside a square in every direction) as you can grow more lettuce in a 3’x3’ patch than you can possibly eat.  Spread out the plantings by 2-3-4 weeks and you’ll have greens for a long, long time.  I’ll ship a few roots of oregano out to you so you can keep the herbal tradition alive.  Reid, I don’t know about your new abode, but if you have a deck you could certainly grow lettuce and spinach in abundance.  We can’t eat all that is growing on our front porch right now.  Still, I’d do anything for a 6’x6’ patch of dirt.  That would be living.


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