Achtung! Flower pot Nazis…

February 25, 2013

Ellen/Reid: I’ll have to eat my words about our rosy recent weather. It seems like only one day in the last 14 has been truly rosy by our standards. The others have been cold and penetratingly damp. Not that I would trade your cold for my damp, but you get the picture. I am ready for the trees to bud and get my little porch garden into production. So along those lines, the homeowner’s association (HOA) garden-Nazis sent me a letter on Saturday – a letter – to let me know of a Violation noted at 4838

The hobnail boots of my HOA's flower pot Nazis stepped down hard on these miscreant pots. My appeal will be based on a technicality: the pots are for veggies, not flowers.

The hobnail boots of my HOA’s flower pot Nazis stepped down hard on these miscreant pots. My appeal will be based on a technicality: the pots are for veggies, not flowers.

The edict says, and demands: In an effort to preserve the appearance of your community, we ask your cooperation in taking the following action(s): Please remove empty flower pots from front of residence. There you have it, officialdom has spoken. Empty flower pots – uh, it is winter here, and besides, they are pots for lettuce, not flowers – are deemed an offense worthy of HOA board deliberation and action.  I can seem them now during their serious board discussion: ‘That Bradley. The outrage! Reprehensible! The utter contempt!’ We have all kind of Nazis prowling the grounds; parking Nazis, swimming pool Nazis, mailbox Nazis and, sadly, empty flower pot Nazis. It’s enough to make me an anti-regulation Republican (not really) but you get the drift.

Not a lot shakin’ this past weekend. We finished the move of Felicia (she actually finished it without a hell of a lot of help from me although she doesn’t have that much stuff). I built a shoe rack and lugged some boxes up into the attic.  So much for my assistance. This roommate stuff shouldn’t take too long to get used to. We went out a couple of nights for a brew and appetizers.

A little rain - okay, a lot - wasn't going to deter me from walking 18 at a local muny, Renaissance. Actually, it was a lot of fun.

A little rain – okay, a lot – wasn’t going to deter me from walking 18 at a local muny, Renaissance. Actually, it was a lot of fun.

After rain all day Friday and Saturday morning, golf was pretty much a washout for my larger group but I still pushed my cart as I slogged along on the course by myself and had a great time.

I came across the most inefficient driver’s license system in the U.S. at the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles license station. A complete disaster even before you set foot in the door.  They have the temerity to make you wait outside the building and call you inside in groups of five or six. It was 39F when I took my spot in line of 20 or so, and a few people were without coats. You could see through the window they had plenty of room to accommodate those of us shivering in the cold. Once you did get inside, it was as if you stepped up to your knees in slow flowing molasses. It was surreal in its slowness. There must’ve been 40-50 souls waiting for service, and thank God I only needed a license renewal because I still waited almost 3 hours. Some of the poor folks who needed to take driver exams or other tests were there before I got there and were there when I left. I think the staff were well intended and trying to move things along but their top speed was a snail’s pace. It was just so tedious and slow. Inefficiency, thy name is NCDMV.

I’m trying to figure out a way to get Felicia back to Des Moines for Drake Relays but it just looks dimmer and dimmer. I’d like folks to kick her tires but it just not in the cards right now. I don’t think she’s wild about it anyway. My other plans to get to Wyoming are still mostly on, although it may be just Tom and me and that’s okay. We don’t seem to be able to attract people who want to head West. That’s a little disappointing but it is far from a deal killer. I’ll continue to get to the mountains as long as I am able.

My blog class is going okay but there is so much room for improvement. My students have soooo many technical questions that are just beyond me, and I need to do a better job of knowing that end of the blogging spectrum because it’s important. There are a bunch of go-getters in class and that is a good thing. They want to be successful at what they do. One of my former students visited class last week, and she gets 68,000 visitors a month. She’s doing well. I wish the rest of us could follow suit.


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3 responses to “Achtung! Flower pot Nazis…

  1. mort

    Against the tide again, eh Brad? Winter can dawdle in leaving the South – flurries in the ATL yesterday. Perhaps your HOA is slow to realize this…

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