The green belt as a nice backdrop…

I can’t count the times these letters have touched on or skirted environmental points over the years. It’s an important touch-point for me and one of the few hot button issues that I consistently push.


March 11, 2013

Ellen/Reid: The trees out back are beginning to bud, a sure sign that before long we will be completely shut off from view of the units 75-100 yards away. Felicia nosed around at some other single floor condos and she couldn’t find any that had the appeal of ours. The green belt is a nice backdrop, and I suspect that of all the units here, we have the best in that respect. What

The green belt is safe refuge from marauding feral cats for the birds that visit our window feeder. We have a room with a view - and it's all green.

The green belt is safe refuge from marauding feral cats for the birds that visit our window feeder. We have a room with a view – and it’s all green.

we don’t have is the warmest unit around. That’s what got us looking around at potentials. Heat rises, and it rises quickly up and out of the room where we want to stay warmest. The fireplace has been on almost non-stop and Felicia vegs in front of it most evenings while I stay bundled in my fleeces on the couch. Her old place was toasty warm but she had one floor and was on the top floor to boot. The thing that will really drive the move to another single story situation is age. Once I can’t navigate the stairs then it will be time to shuffle on to another spot.

We had the Harley out yesterday for a few hours. Felt good to fire that thing up and get out although a look in the mirror this morning was a subtle reminder to wear sunscreen. Some other bikes were on the roads, but not as many as we’ve seen before. The North Carolina countryside is an interesting mix

The old girl still has some spring in her step, the high mileage aside.

The old girl still has some spring in her step, the high mileage aside.

of good views, huge chicken farms, even bigger hog confinements, trailers and more good views. That’s why we like riding around these parts. Ellen, you gave me a little log book some time ago, years ago in fact, that I will begin to use religiously to document trips and mileage this year. We are thinking of going up Virginia way in another month or so to rent a little cabin and do some kayaking or hiking before we head to the beaches and “mountains” as is our custom during the warmer months.

I’ve been nickel and diming my new blog (eds. note: on reducing litter) but it’s not quite where it should be so it will stay dormant for a little time longer. Reid, I bought the URL and that will be a better situation because WordPress offers a few more bells and whistles at that point. Some of my blog students are way ahead of the curve and in a reversal of fortune, I’ve even been gleaning a few things from them. This class has been the most interesting bunch of students I’ve had thus far. They are quite serious about it and that has been enjoyable to see. My technical failings aside in terms of how to format blogs and build out the appearance, etc., we’ve had a relatively good time with it.

Ellen, I hope you and Emma have a great time out West. It will be nice to escape the icebox and veritable snow fort you’ve been living in. I’ve seen that Chicago has had considerably milder temps than either Des Moines or St. Paul, Reid, and pretty soon the lakefront will thaw and you and Liz will be back outside strolling through the city. I still want to get up there to see your new digs although Felicia’s schedule is pretty tight on the weekends as she has to book anything pretty well in advance to make it workable. We were thinking of Seattle for a long-ish weekend in May but that’s out the window right now. Perhaps in the fall.

I got to see my cousin Tim Hart-Andersen for a few minutes when he was in town last week for a Presbyterian conference that was in Uptown. He’s got a lot on his plate and a lot of people tugging at his shirttail. That would be a tough life, ministering. I couldn’t pass the sin-test so they would never allow me in, not that they would want me. The local Presbyterian seminary is just a stone’s throw away from the house and they’ve inquired as to whether we would, or could, host seminary guests in town for the weekend. We wouldn’t entertain them, just give them a place to sleep and park their cars. Sounds interesting enough and possibly doable. Seems us heathens might have some utility value after all.

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