Live for today rings pretty true…

Health and other of life’s pitfalls shove their way into my consciousness. I’m thinking the idea of living for the here and now is not such a bad mantra, as Ellen and Reid found out in last week’s letter.


March 18, 2013

Ellen/Reid: There is distressing news this morning in that my friend and fellow hiker Tom Bohr had a significant heart attack yesterday while running. He had to be revived by a runner who by sheer good fortune was passing by, and at this point we really don’t know the extent of things other than that Tom is in the hospital. My friend and pastor John Cleghorn called last night but I didn’t see or hear the call come in which irritates me to no end. Tom would be the last person you would ever suspect to have a heart attack. He was fit and trim, seemed to eat right, and was of low-key and low stress temperament. Reid, you never met Tom, but Ellen, you saw him hike like a monster in

Cook Lake in the Bridger Wilderness, Bridger-T...

Cook Lake in the Bridger Wilderness, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming, U.S. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the Bridger Wilderness a couple of years ago, and now this. Tom was a good friend of mine and he was tireless in his 20-30 hours of work each week at Caldwell Presbyterian. I’m just glad he’s alive right now. I talked briefly to John this morning and his encouragement is to keep Tom in our prayers. Tom and I were to head out to the Bridger in July but that is of no concern right now. This is just devastating on a lot of counts. The bottom line is that none of us can ever take anything for granted, including our seemingly good health. It would seem that we should live for today, too.  That rings pretty true right now.

It’s also a gray, rainy day here after a beautiful weekend in the mid to upper 70s. I spent virtually the entire weekend prone on the couch after this bout with vertigo. I didn’t really know what it was about until now and now wish I never had. It is just awful…the wooziness and nausea and lack of balance. It stems from some sort of inner ear malady and man, it hit me like an unexpected ton of bricks. I woke up Thursday with a slight headache and within a half hour was down for the count in bed. If it weren’t for Felicia forcing me to the emergency room I’d probably still be out. There are meds for it but it’s pretty much an unexplained situation although, of course, they say it hits older people, which would be me. Here’s hoping you never have to experience it because it’s no fun.

That’s sad news about someone running off with your iPhone, Ellen. I’m not sure how someone would fence those things

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

and what real value a used phone has. The idea of thievery just escapes me. How does that come about and what makes people do it? When I was 5 or 6 I came home with some little something from the corner store on Woolworth Street in Omaha, and your grandmother knew I didn’t have enough change to buy it, so she marched me up the street to return it and apologize to the store manager. That was enough of a lesson for me. But all the photos of Emma on your phone – you can’t replace those. Your mom and I will send all that we can but still, the thought of someone walking off with one of your possessions. Kind of busts up your view of an honest world, doesn’t it?

I bought a couple copies of Pat’s new book “Green Glory” on the Stonehouse website last week. I’ll keep one and send the other to my friend Steve Allen. It’s designed to be a coffee table book and it’s been a few years in the making so I hope it’s a good seller for Pat. He deserves it. Mort did most of the copy work on it so that end is buttoned up for sure. I don’t really miss the golf biz and, come to think it, don’t miss the playing of it so much, either.

Your uncle has roped me yet again into the Final 4 bracketology madness. He understands all the odds and stuff but I’ll fill in the brackets based strictly on whimsy since I don’t much care who wins the thing although I’ll be rooting for Butler and the Gophers. It will give us something to watch on the weekend. We saw three deer browsing out back last night, and we’ll watch for those again, too.



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2 responses to “Live for today rings pretty true…

  1. mort

    Sorry about your pal Tom. Good thing it didn’t happen out in Wyo, but you’re spot on re: taking this all for granted. Hope you (and Tom) feel better. Better days ahead.

  2. Woolworth! Wow, that takes me back! I enjoyed your post, especially your mention of Steve Allen. I posted about him today too. You might enjoy my post about him:

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